They tried to hide the crime ... and their neighbor revealed them after "the strange request."

A man was charged with murder and colluding with another in southeastern France, based on a report filed by their neighbor, in which he stated that they had asked him for a saw to hide the body of the man who killed him.

The Prosecutor of Burgoyne Galleux Detlend Baudouin, confirming a news published in the newspaper "Dauphiné-Libres", stated that a man in the Tour de Bain (province of Isire) received on Sunday evening "a sudden request from his neighbor, who wanted a saw in order to conceal a corpse."

The judge who opened a murder investigation added that the apartment's tenant was sheltering the dead man, who was "somewhat homeless."

On Sunday evening, the police arrested the tenant and a friend who was with him at the time of the crime. The 34-year-old was charged with murder and sent to prison, while his 50-year-old friend was charged with complicity and was placed under judicial supervision.

The newspaper "Dauphine Liberia" indicated that the three men were drunk, and quarreled on Saturday evening, and the 54-year-old was stabbed several times with a knife, and the two men resorted to the neighbor at about ten o'clock on Sunday evening, in an attempt to get rid of the corpse, which was found wrapped in adhesive plastic tapes.