Sarah Silverman, according to



apologized after fourteen years for a joke she made about Paris Hilton at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards. The comedian joked about the reality star's jail sentence for drunk driving, which was recently mentioned again in Hilton's podcast .

"They painted the bars to look like penises, so Paris feels more comfortable in prison," said Silverman at the time.

"I'm worried she'll break her teeth."

Hilton and her sister Nicky brought up the statement earlier this week on her podcast

This is Paris


"This could not be done today," said Nicky Hilton.

Hilton herself was in the audience when the joke was made.

“I wanted to be brave, but I died inside,” she recalls fourteen years later.

"It was so painful."

Silverman now responds in her own podcast to the 'joke' she made in 2007.

"The audience went crazy, but I do remember seeing Paris in the audience, finding her sad and that broke my heart."

The actress and comedian wrote a letter to Hilton a few days later apologizing, but it never reached the reality star.

"So now, fourteen years later, I say to Paris, I'm sincerely sorry. It feels terrible to know you've hurt someone and it's important to fix that. I hope I did this."