At the earliest, we may receive a "cherry news" next weekend.

According to the latest forecasts of cherry blossoms by private weather companies, the flowering of Yoshino cherry trees will be much earlier nationwide, with Fukuoka City on the 13th of this month and central Tokyo on the 15th of this month.

According to the forecast of flowering of Somei Yoshino this spring announced by the Japan Meteorological Association on the 4th,

the earliest is Fukuoka City and Kochi City on the 13th of this month,

▽ Central Tokyo on the 15th of this month,

▽ Nagoya City on the 16th of this month,

▽ This month 20 days in Hiroshima City,

▽ Osaka this month 22 days,

▽ Kanazawa in this month 28 days,

▽ Sendai City and next month two days in Niigata City,

▽ to as next month 27 days in Sapporo,

compared to an average year It is expected that many places will bloom early about 10 days.

According to the Japan Weather Association, "From around mid-January, the number of warmer days than normal has increased, and the temperature is expected to be as high as normal or higher nationwide after March, and flowering is expected to be earlier nationwide." It is said.

In addition, the private weather company "Weather Map" forecasts on the 4th:

▽ Fukuoka City on the 13th of this month,

▽ Central Tokyo, Hiroshima City, Kochi City on the 17th of this month,

▽ Nagoya City on the 18th of this month,

▽ Osaka 21st of this month in the

city, 24th of this month in Kanazawa,

31st of this month in Sendai

, 1st of next month in Niigata

, 27th of next month in Sapporo, etc.

, which are considerably earlier than usual. I will.

Meteorological companies and others will continue to announce flowering forecasts based on the latest data.