This matter|Adults try on children's clothes and selfies trigger follow suit, what kind of aesthetics is this?

  Recently, some adults went to Uniqlo to try on children’s clothes and selfies in the fitting room caused controversy. On Weibo’s hot search, the Uniqlo brand officially responded to the surging news that there is no rule that adults are not allowed to try on children’s clothes, and it is recommended to keep the clothes hygienic when trying on And completeness.

  The Paper ( noticed that recent spring and summer clothing has been new, and many short videos or social platforms have adults trying on Uniqlo children's clothing, claiming that they can wear a "BM" style.

The "BM" style originated from the Italian clothing brand "BrandyMelville", which only has small size clothing, which is characterized by "short, tight and exposed".

Many bloggers try on children's clothes in Uniqlo and take selfies

  Taking the social platform Xiaohongshu as an example, many dressing bloggers posted pictures of trying on Uniqlo children’s clothing tops in the fitting room, claiming that children’s clothing can be worn as short pieces, making them look thinner and more sexy. Follow suit.

  A blogger posted on Xiaohongshu that she is 163 tall, weighs 50kg, and can wear a size of 110.

"The neckline is a bit tight, but it can be worn in." The blogger subsequently said in a comment that he had asked the clerk for permission before trying on children's clothing, and he paid attention to it when trying on the clothes and had already purchased it.

  On the afternoon of March 3, the official account of Xiaohongshu posted a message on the APP, calling on everyone to use the fitting room correctly, try on products in a civilized manner, consume and shop rationally, and not cause trouble to others.

The Paper found that there are no relevant recommendations when searching for the keyword "Uniqlo children's clothing".

  In response to this phenomenon, China Youth Net posted a comment that adults try on children's clothing, which may cause damage to goods, affect sales, and pose a potential threat to children's health.

At the same time, excessive pursuit of "small codes" is not in line with healthy aesthetic concepts.

If this kind of aesthetic concept becomes popular, it may affect more ordinary people, cause people to have unnecessary body anxiety and develop wrong habits.

  How do UNIQLO stores view the behavior of adults trying on children's clothing?

The "bm" girl's height and weight chart is very demanding on the body and weight.

  According to a Red Star News report, some store staff said that they would not prohibit customers from trying on them, nor would they give suggestions. Some stores said they would advise taller customers not to wear children's clothing in sizes 120 and 130.

"We always have reminders that adults should try not to try on children's clothes under 160. We will not put up signs, but we will kindly remind that most people will also follow the suggestions. And that's clothes designed for children. Certainly there will be no adult clothing designed to be as comfortable as the BM style."

Some netizens pointed out that it is not appropriate for some adults to try on children's clothing.

Screenshot of Xiaohongshu

  According to the Morning News report, some stores admitted that there was indeed a phenomenon of trying on children's clothes and causing damage to the clothes, so that the contaminated clothes would be discarded directly.

  On March 3, in response to the aforementioned situation, the Uniqlo brand officially responded to the surging news that Uniqlo respected consumers' needs for trying on clothes and did not stipulate that adults should not try on children's clothes.

Consumers can choose, try on or buy clothing according to their needs and preferences.

  Uniqlo staff said that in order to avoid affecting other consumers' buying experience or damaging the quality of clothing due to try-on, Uniqlo recommends that consumers choose clothing of a suitable size for try-on according to their own situation, while maintaining the hygiene of the clothing when trying-on And integrity, and take care of clothing together.

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The Paper Journalist Zhu Xuan