Unlike yesterday (3rd), which was sunny, today is a cloudy sky.

Currently, the rain has begun in Jeju and Jeollanam-do, but this rain will gradually expand to the southern part of Chungcheong Province and continue until tomorrow morning.

The expected amount will not be as much as 5~20mm in the inland, but 10~40mm in the southern coastal region, 20~60mm in Jeju Island, and 80mm in the southern and mountainous areas.

Especially in Jeju, the wind will blow strongly with a lot of rain, but there will be swelling waves in the east coast region.

Seoul will be cloudy all day today.

The daytime temperature will rise significantly.

Seoul will rise to 12 degrees and Daejeon to 11 degrees.

Tomorrow will be sunny again and warmer than today.

(Meteorological Caster Tae Bin)