As usual, I was reading the printed report before the start of the regular meeting.

Reading this meeting material can certainly tell the difference between points.

'A point is good at this, point B's lacking that, and point C's aw, it's a mess.'

In this way, while judging the superiority and inferiority of each branch, I paid attention to the material of the meeting at branch D.

It was great in every way.

I was satisfied with this when I spoke at all meetings.

At that moment I saw.

That the jealous manager A's face hardens.

A few days later, a meeting organized by the headquarters was held after a long time due to an urgent issue, and as soon as the meeting was held, the management started to pour out all sorts of reprimands and criticisms for something bad happened.

To the whole, each branch and each individual expressed their dissatisfaction with the management.

One of the executives said, “All of the branch managers are shrugging.

"I don't want to scan the hair of that good Governor A and have it implanted in your hair."

At that moment I saw.

Governor A and Governor C, who are rivals, are proud to have a discomfort on the face.

On the way back after the meeting, manager A's stiff face and Governor C's unpleasant face overlapped me in my head.

At each meeting, neither myself nor the management scolded them more, so why did they look disliked?

It's probably because of jealousy and envy towards someone who's good or someone you can't admit.

Most office workers are not easy to get out of this feeling.

I also hated and hated S, which is very capable when I was very vigorous for a long time, and P, who is recognized by my boss, although there seems to be nothing better than me.

But what kind of feeling is envy or jealousy?

It is a strange mind that hates and tries to cut down on situations in which other people are doing well or in good standing.

Then, why does this kind of heart arise?

Isn't it because of a world where victory or defeat is dominated by a strong self (esteem) and comparison, and the winner takes over everything.

A strong ego triggers a sense of inferiority and shame when looking at someone better than me, and a winner-take-all world triggers hostility and vengeance, causing envy or jealousy in which pride and a sense of competition are combined.

As I thought about envy and jealousy, I revived the pain I had suffered from S and P in the past.

At the time, when I heard someone compliment them about them, feelings like severe discomfort, heartburn, like eating out-of-date food popped up.

Also, whenever I saw them, a red energy filled with hostility in my heart and eyes, as if confronting the enemy of the Greater Daecheon.

Whoever they met, they looked at them and tried to do something to harm them.

Living with this negative mind always in my mind, it seemed as if at some point I had become a wicked queen who tried to kill Snow White.

『Look at Snow White's stepmother.

Because of her jealousy about her appearance, she tries to kill Snow White.

Jealousy is so'frightening'.


What is scary?

The very feeling of trying to harm the other person is terrifying.

But what is even more terrifying is the inner conflict that he experiences when he sees himself becoming evil and losing his ego due to jealousy.

Just as revenge demands self-destruction, jealousy also forces ordinary people to give up a good heart.

Think about it.

I mean the psychological conflict I suffered by calling out the evil minds inside of me in order to condemn my fellow colleagues as bad people and actually destroy them.

Wasn't it

really annoying

?” It

really was.

As envy and jealousy grew, my peace of mind disappeared.

As if Shakespeare's Macbeth killed the king and said, "Sleep, the best nourishment of a feast for life! I can't sleep anymore. Ah! I think my eyes are popping out".

Probably, manager A and Governor C are in the same situation now.

So how on earth can we get out of this bad feeling?

There's a really, very easy way to get rid of feelings of envy or jealousy at once.

The secret is just~

to acknowledge that person's handsomeness and accept my shortcomings


Then, surprisingly, you will be able to look at others without envy or jealousy.

Of course, it is not easy to reach this state of mind.

It's a generous attitude that you realize only after suffering a lot of heartaches and pains.

However, there is an article that allows you to learn this generous heart without hurting and suffering.

This is written by Inro Lee, a literary man in the Goryeo Dynasty.

"A horned beast has no upper teeth. If it has wings, it has only two legs. If the flower is good, the fruit is not cool."

In other words, God does not give everything to a specific person.

This means that the handsome person I am jealous of also has shortcomings, and that maybe I can have the shortcomings of that handsome person.

If the reason is like this, do we really need to be jealous and jealous of him?

If we accept the saying, "Even a handsome person has something he lacks. Maybe he has something he lacks."

In this way, people who are better than themselves can live in peace without suffering from jealousy or bruising in many companies like stars in the sky.

Do you want this kind of corporate life?

It's not difficult.

When you see a good person, you just have to say

"It's really great



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