China News Service, Beijing, March 3 (Reporter Ma Haiyan) The anti-epidemic movie "No Spring Will Not Come", which is the chief planner of Chen Daoming and supervised by Huang Bo, will be launched on the 3rd.

The film is made up of five character stories organically, from the perspectives of doctors, patients, front-line staff, volunteers and ordinary people, telling the real life of small people with laughter and tears, paying tribute to ordinary heroes in reality.

  The film gathers five new-generation directors, Zhang Chi, Dong Yue, Zhou Nan, Tian Yusheng, and Rao Xiaozhi, as well as many powerful actors such as Zhou Dongyu, Song Xiaobao, Pan Binlong, Yin Fang, Zheng Luoqian, and presents the bottom of society with five story units intertwined with smiles and tears. The life of ordinary people against the "epidemic" focuses the lens on ordinary people in the epidemic.

Huang Bo produced the film "No Spring Will Come".

Photo courtesy of China Film Association

  From young couples to ordinary fathers and sons, from mask factory workers to community workers, from doctors treating patients to volunteers in Hubei, every character in the movie has cast aside the aura of heroes, through fear, anxiety, joy, Complex human emotions such as touch and pain touch the true temperature of ordinary people.

  The film is created with the theme of "spring" in the spring, conveying ordinary people's infinite hope for the future.

Huang Bo, the producer of the film, said: “When I was trapped at home in the winter, I stumbled upon the buds from the branches, which is like hope in spring. The windmill rotating in the opposite direction on the big screen means that we are gathered together during the epidemic. Go against the wind." Each unit story in the film is based on real deeds, and strives to incorporate more beautiful moments in the adaptation. While the audience relives the difficult times, they discover the shining points in ordinary life and cure the epidemic. Psychological pain.

  The film "No Spring Will Not Come" was planned and organized by the China Film Association.

The film is scheduled to be released this year.