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The Council of State deemed this Wednesday "disproportionate" the recommendation of the Ministry of Solidarity and Health to completely prohibit outings to residents of institutions for the elderly, a measure taken in the context of the fight against the epidemic coronavirus.

Seized by the children of a resident, the summary judge “suspends” this ban, considering that “the majority of residents have been vaccinated” and that measures can now be taken by “the directors of the establishment on a case-by-case basis” , according to a press release from the high administrative court.

Physical and psychological consequences

This "imposed confinement" can "alter the physical and psychological state of many residents, as several studies have shown", underlines the judgment, consulted by AFP.

The recommendations disseminated by the government to nursing homes have provided for several months that outings in families and for outdoor activities are suspended "until further notice" for residents of these establishments.

Thanks to vaccination, which primarily affected this population, directors of establishments and nursing homes federations recently asked the government to relax these measures.

For the Council of State, "the vaccines in use are particularly effective in reducing the risk of being contaminated and of developing a serious form in the event of contamination".

Authorized outings for the vaccinated

Thus, "if it is up to those in charge of nursing home to authorize exits according to the local situation of the epidemic and the characteristics of their establishment, in particular the vaccination rate, the summary judge considers that certain exits, in particular those of residents who have been vaccinated may be compatible with the safety of all residents and staff as soon as adequate protection measures are defined ”, it is specified.

This "wise decision of the Council of State" represents "a hope and a relief for professionals and families", reacted on Twitter Florence Arnaiz-Maumé, the general delegate of Synerpa (union of private establishments).

According to the latest official figures, 82% of residents had received the first injection of the Covid-19 vaccine on March 1 and 57% the second injection.

Almost 42% of caregivers also received a dose of serum.


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