The US Pentagon opens funding for a new war in the Donbass.

EU approves. 

In Ukraine, a full paragraph with coronavirus.

The incidence is high, and medical facilities are in short supply in half of the oblasts.

No vaccine! 

Well, no - last week, Minister of Health Stepanov personally brought a little from India of the local version of the already unimportant AstraZeneca, which he bought at an exorbitant price even there.

All the dates for the start of vaccination of the population have been missed.

The best in the world today, the Russian vaccine "Sputnik V", was banned by the US ambassador to Ukrainians. 

Well, as a messenger - Charge d'Affaires of Ukraine Christine Queen.

There is no US Ambassador to Ukraine today.

But even this conditional status is enough to ultimately ban the best vaccine from Russia, which they were ready to supply and even launch production at Ukrainian enterprises in Kharkov.  

Yesterday, the President of Ukraine Zelensky, accompanied by the head of the European Council Charles Michel, went to Severodonetsk - this is where a small part of the former Donetsk region remained under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, like the commander-in-chief traveled around the troops.

There, in public, with a naked torso, under television cameras, he inoculated this very burda, which his minister brought to the Ukrainians.

You should have seen Vovino's face - the impression is that he first ate two lemons.

It is understandable: suddenly it will cut right away?

But it turned out like.   

His counterpart, to whom Zelensky during the presidential elections promised to become a sentence and imprison for the civil war and all the trash into which he turned Independent, - Petro Poroshenko - at a meeting of the parliamentary commission called what Minister Stepanov brought to the Ukrainians, “g ... m ".

Probably the first time in my life I didn’t lie. 

Why is this movie all of a sudden?

The other day, the Pentagon burst out with a statement on the allocation of military aid to Ukraine for $ 125 million (that is, a suitable half of the appropriations that passed in the US military budget under the item "Ukraine" for the 2021 budget year).

It provides funding for all sorts of assistants, advisers, inflatable boats (second-hand) for the Ukrainian fleet and even lethal weapons.

Silence about vaccines!

Itself, so to speak, is not enough!  

For the war "to the last Ukrainian" there is $ 250 million for 2021.

In general, the refusal and prohibition of a vaccine follows the same logic.

Americans don't need Ukrainians.

In any case, in that amount.

Not all 30 million will die from COVID-19 in the war.

Little will be left to serve this Anti-Russia project: cleaning the floors and dishes, cleaning American toilets.

By the way, it was already 80 years ago, when the Nazis occupied Ukraine.

While half of Ukraine fought in the Red Army and partisan detachments, was hijacked to work in Germany and concentration camps, other collaborators organized leisure for the new owners.

In Kiev, even an opera house worked during the occupation! 

Of course, such a financial injection of energy into the military campaign in Ukraine will inevitably lead to an exacerbation of the armed conflict in Donbass.

Apparently, this is what they are trying to achieve in the new administration of the American president.

So, for the sake of decency (where are they from there?), The Pentagon rhetorically ordered the Ukrainians in an explanation of payment documents to "continue reforms to increase transparency and accountability in procurement and modernization of the defense sector and strengthen civilian control over the armed forces."   

In turn, President of the European Council Charles Michel, after a meeting with senior officers in Severodonetsk and the OSCE monitoring mission in Donbass, wrote, as usual, on his Twitter: “The only way forward is the full implementation of the Minsk agreements.

EU sanctions against Russia will remain in force until their implementation becomes a reality. "

As if the European bureaucrat does not know which of the two sides of the conflict does not fulfill these very agreements.

And what does Russia have to do with it? 

The result of these common and synchronized efforts by Washington and Brussels will be the same - war again. 

People will start killing people again.

Can we, Russia, look at this calmly from the outside?

No we can not.

Are we going to do something?

I'm sure.

We will. 

By the way, in the centers of the operative vaccination against coronavirus, deployed in the capitals and large cities of Russia for everyone - without registration and regardless of citizenship - in the last month there has been an influx of Ukrainian citizens.

On one passport, without insurance and other formalities, everyone is vaccinated with Sputnik V!

In spite of everything, we take care of our relatives - relatives! 

Russian is not enough - Russian generally needs to be protected, cured and protected!

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