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It became a real

The Crown

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Or not.

Prince Philip, 99, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, has been hospitalized for two weeks with an infection, and has even had to change establishments for heart examinations, raising fears of a deterioration of his condition.

However, his daughter-in-law Camilla said on Wednesday that his state of health was "slightly improving".

He “suffers at times”, detailed the Duchess of Cornwall and wife of Crown Prince Charles, adding: “We keep our fingers crossed”.

The prince will celebrate his 100th birthday next June

Initially hospitalized at King Edward VII, Prince Philip, who is due to celebrate his 100th birthday next June, was transferred on Monday to another establishment, St Bartholomew's hospital, "for tests and an observation related to pre-existing heart problems, ”Buckingham Palace explained.

Renowned for his strong character but also for his blunders or jokes in bad taste, Prince Philip was hospitalized last month as a "precaution" after feeling ill.

Buckingham Palace had specified a few days later that this hospitalization was due to an infection.

Her son, Prince Charles, had visited her in the hospital.

His grandson William had assured last week that the Duke of Edinburgh was fine and that the doctors "kept an eye on him".


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