Following the decision of the Osaka District Court, which canceled the decision of the local government that carried out the paperwork, saying that it was illegal for the government to reduce the welfare expenses, the local government in Osaka Prefecture has entered into final adjustments to appeal. I understand.

From 2013 to 2015, the national government reduced the amount of livelihood protection payments by up to 10%, reflecting the decline in prices, and 42 beneficiaries in Osaka Prefecture said, "It violates the Constitution that guarantees a minimum standard of living. We are requesting the cancellation of the reduction from 12 cities such as Osaka City, which handles the payment work.

On the 22nd of last month, the Osaka District Court revoked the decision of the local government that reduced the amount of payment, saying that "there is a deviation or abuse of discretionary power and it violates the Public Assistance Act". I handed down the judgment.

In response to this, as a result of discussions with the national government on how to respond, it was found in an interview with the people concerned that the final adjustment was made in the direction of appealing the decision.

Class action proceedings have been filed in 29 places nationwide over the reduction of welfare expenses, but it was the first time that the reduction was canceled because it was judged to be illegal, and the response of local governments and the national government was drawing attention.