In Sasaguri Town, Fukuoka Prefecture, a mother and an acquaintance's woman were arrested for starving to death without giving enough food to a 5-year-old boy, and the monthly average of the living protection expenses for the acquaintance's woman to enter the mother's home It turned out that I was getting almost all of the 250,000 yen.

Police are investigating that they were exploiting cash and restricting their diet to curb household spending.

Rie Ikari and (39) acquaintance Emiko Akahori (48) in Sasaguri Town, Fukuoka Prefecture, starved to death in April last year without giving enough food to Shoshiro, the third son of Ikari, who was five years old. He was arrested on suspicion of abandoning the protection officer.

According to the investigation, Akahori managed the overall life of Ikari's family and received almost all of the monthly average of about 250,000 yen, including welfare expenses, children's allowance, and child-rearing allowance. I found out by interviewing the people concerned.

Initially, the cash transferred to the account was withdrawn at an ATM and received, and then the bankbook was kept.

Police are investigating that Akahori was exploiting cash and restricting his diet to curb Ikari's household spending.