The two French from Daft Punk have removed the helmet.


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Daft Punk, it's over.

After the Epilogue video was uploaded and their agent confirmed, you thought you would never hear from them again, already very stingy in official statements.



has succeeded, more or less, in the impossible: that one of the members, Thomas Banglater, speaks out on the separation.

More or less, because the musician was not on set with Yann Barthès, but transmitted a video message to the episodes of the show.

One last message for the end

"We tried it, explained culture columnist Ambre Chalumeau on Monday evening," We wrote to Thomas Bangalter some Daft Punk, as if one of the most famous and most secret guys there is, the guy everyone been waiting like crazy for a word or a gesture for a week, as if this guy was going to answer us.

Well ten minutes before the show, when we didn't believe it at all, he gave us a brilliant answer, which resembles them, cryptic and poetic.


What is it about ?

From an excerpt

from Charlie Chaplin's

Modern Times

, the end where the actor and his companion move away on the horizon, followed by the box "The End".

Thomas Bangalter even cracked his own box, in his hand: "If love is the answer, you're home, thank you



Yes, it's not much, but it's already a lot from Daft Punk.


Separation of Daft Punk: "It's a big blow in the face to see them separate ...", testify our Internet users


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