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There will be no early voting for the 2022 presidential election. Deputies and senators agreed on Tuesday on the technical details of the next election, excluding this controversial provision proposed by the government.

The text must be approved next week by Parliament.

As is customary more than a year before a presidential term, this organic bill "relating to the election of the President of the Republic" aims to revise the technical conditions of the 2022 ballot.

Voting machines

But this text of "grooming" suddenly took on a political dimension on February 16, with the surprise tabling of a government amendment, just before its consideration in the chamber of the Senate.

This amendment was to allow advance voting, on voting machines, for the 2022 presidential election.

Rejected with great noise and by a very large majority by the upper house, the amendment was by no means taken up by parliamentarians on Tuesday in the joint committee.

"Common sense prevailed", ruled Stéphane Le Rudulier (LR), rapporteur for the Senate.

“If our electoral law can evolve (…) we must not act in haste,” he said.

Voting by detainees and opening of sponsorships

Main new features of the text: postal voting for detainees, “deterritorialized” proxies and a period of at least ten weeks to collect sponsorships, specific to the presidential election.

Among the changes made by the senators: the convening of voters by simple decree, rather than by decree in the Council of Ministers, and the opening of sponsorships to the presidents of the consular councils of French people living abroad and of the executive councils of Corsica and of Martinique.

The Senate further enhanced the accessibility of electoral propaganda to people with disabilities and required polling institutes to publish their margins of error when publishing or disseminating a poll relating to the presidential election.

The agreement reached in CMP will be solemnly confirmed by a final vote in each of the chambers, on March 9 in the National Assembly, then on March 11 in the Senate, which will be worth final adoption.


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