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Nightclubs have been closed for almost a year, due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

In Normandy, nightclub owners decided this Saturday that they were going to donate their stock of perishable drinks to students affected by precariousness.

A donation that concerns only non-alcoholic drinks, reports



No less than 500 liters must be handed over to the Federation of Lower Normandy Campuses on March 15, the anniversary of the closure of the establishments.

Several claims

A gesture of solidarity on the part of the members of the Groupement des discothèques de Normandie, who also want to make their demands heard.

“Above all, we want to alert the government to the psychological distress of some of our colleagues.

We must give them moral support, we are afraid for them!

», Assures one of their representatives, Bruno Lemeray.

The collective would like the amounts and conditions for the allocation of monthly aid from the solidarity fund to be revised.

It also calls for the repayment of loans guaranteed by the state to be extended by one year.

In addition to these requests, the members of the collective regret the organization of clandestine parties in bars or restaurants: "Some establishments have been able to do our work for us, with complete impunity".

Bruno Lemeray understands that it is not possible to reopen but asks "just the means to survive".


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