China News Service, Urumqi, March 2 (Reporter Tao Shuanke) In early March, the weather in Heshuo County, Xinjiang, south of the Tianshan Mountains, became warmer and the climate was pleasant.

In Butznchagan Village, Xintare Township, 15 kilometers away from the county seat, a 55-year-old herdsman revolution is helping farmers pick up lambs in a cattle-raising cooperative.

  Butznchagan Village is a pastoral village with 209 herders.

Every late September, the herders will move back to the village from the mountain. At the end of April of the following year, the villagers will move to the 140-kilometer mountain to graze.

  Revolution was born in the 1960s. Because his father was an employee of a state-owned ranch, his parents named him Revolution, allowing him to help others like Lei Feng.

  When he was 16 years old, the Revolution was recruited as a ranch worker. Every day he drove cattle and sheep in the mountains to go out early and return late. Only the cattle and sheep all over the mountains accompanied him.

"I was very happy to have that job. I also like sheep. I often help the elders to drive the sheep. When the sheep ran away, I would chase them back."

  "The first time my wife and I contracted 170 camels on the ranch. Three years later, camels bred to 240. Because our children went to kindergarten, our family moved from the state-owned ranch on the mountain to Butznchagan village. After moving to the village, I felt that the camels were downhill. The conditions are much better. I will help my neighbors when I have time, such as harvesting forages, building houses for villagers, etc. After I finish my work, I will help others." said the revolution.

  Although I moved from the mountain to the foot of the mountain, the feeling of helping others has not changed.

In 1995, the revolution, which was getting better, bought a tractor.

"I bought a tractor, and the villagers are very curious. The tractor is my family pulling forage and plowing, and sometimes I go to other villages to pull things to earn some money. But for me, the tractor is not only very useful for me, but also helpful. Many villagers."

  "I remember that a family in the village borrowed money from me one winter. The money was really tight at the time, but I didn't refuse, so I tried a way to make up 2,000 yuan. My wife and I were awkward about this matter. Then I found an opportunity to give it to me. She explained, and her wife has been very supportive since then." Revolution said.

  The days are getting better year after year.

In 2008, the revolution took the initiative to help 10 needy households in the village. Every few months, he sent rice, flour, oil and other daily necessities to the needy households. Improve their lives, guide them to give full play to their own advantages, and have been helping people who have more difficulties than him.

  Today, in order to facilitate the lives of people in the pastoral area of ​​more than 100 kilometers, the Revolution has organized and established a horseback agency service team in Butznchagan Village. Distribute information, deliver newspapers, and publicize policies and regulations; transport and maintain tents, wire and other supplies for herders in the pastoral road, transport herders up and down the mountain, and help herders transport yurts, sheep pen nets, cattle and sheep.

  He told a reporter from that when he was a child, he had seven brothers and sisters, and his family was really difficult, and he lived in winter nest in winter.

I was afraid of living in poverty, and then I built a new house in the village and my life was better.

"When I was a child, I secretly vowed in my heart that as long as my life is better, I will help others. I am very happy to help others for so many years. I feel warm and strong in my heart. As long as I can walk around, helping others will continue. ."

  With benevolence and perseverance, he never forgets his fellow villagers when he gets rich. With his kindness and perseverance, he has silently helped the fellow villagers for more than 30 years. His tenacious perseverance interprets the colorful life of a herder.

In October 2005, he was rated as a model worker in the autonomous region by the People’s Government of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region; in April 2014, he was awarded the National May 1st Labor Medal by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions; in July 2019, he was rated as an outstanding Communist Party member of the autonomous region.