[Explanation] On March 1, Beijing primary and secondary schools officially opened.

In the new semester, in principle, primary and secondary school students are not allowed to bring their personal mobile phones into the campus. If there is a real need, the mobile phones should be kept by the school after entering the school.

On the morning of the 1st, the reporter saw at Fengtai No. 2 Middle School that a cell phone safe for students to store cell phones has become a new standard in every classroom.

  [Concurrent] Song Yuxuan, student of Fengtai No. 2 Middle School

  Today (March 1) is that we not only handed over the mobile phone, but also handed over a watch, with our promise.

The school has specially equipped us with a mobile phone management cabinet, which also has a key, which is especially safe.

After class, you can chat with your classmates for a while or just relax, and then you can ask questions that you don’t know in class. You don’t want to look at your mobile phone for a while as before, so that the focus of class is Improved a lot.

  [Commentary] The principal, He Shiming, said that mobile phones are not a necessity for students to study at school.

On the eve of the new semester, Fengtai No. 2 Middle School, after communicating with students and parent representatives, formulated detailed rules from various aspects to regulate the management of students’ mobile phones in school based on student needs and actual conditions.

  [Concurrent] He Shiming, Principal of Fengtai No. 2 Middle School

  On the way after school, for example, using a mobile phone to consume, it is normal to scan the bike, which is understandable, but there are still restrictions during school.

There are some restrictions on the time and usage of students. When using a mobile phone, we need to fill in an information sheet and hand it to our teachers; teachers do not use mobile phones to leave homework, nor can they assign homework that must be completed by mobile phones; from the school’s point of view It also provides some convenience. For example, the school phone can be used by children for free, and he can use any office phone, including the computer in the classroom, which can be used normally.

  [Explanation] Compared with middle schools, elementary school students are less likely to bring their mobile phones into the school, and the school also manages products such as "phone watches" that elementary school students use more often.

  [Concurrent] Tan Kaiyuan, student of Fengtai No. 1 Primary School

  If we put the phone and watch on our hands, because our self-control ability is poor, we can easily "tempt", so we just play in class.

But if you concentrate the watch on the teacher, you can prevent this phenomenon.

(Something happens) You can directly find the teacher. The teacher also has a mobile phone. I don't think there is any inconvenience.

  [Concurrent] Yin Nan, Principal of Fengtai No.1 Primary School

  Those in need (can be) brought into the school, but they must be shut down after entering the school and managed by the class teacher.

In the follow-up process, we will use the red scarf broadcast and the class team will guide the children to look at the mobile phone correctly.

  [Explanation] What do parents think about the many new mobile phone regulations in the school?

  [Concurrent] Ms. Lu, the parent of Fengtai No. 1 Primary School

  I am very supportive and understand that this new regulation may be for children to better focus on learning in school and focus on their own healthy growth, all for the benefit of children.

In fact, whether it is a mobile phone or a phone watch, parents will basically have the convenience of contact and communication and safety considerations.

I think the school is also more humane, and if you bring it in, it will be convenient for the teachers to manage it. I think this can solve the parents' hidden worries.

  [Explanation] In addition, home-school cooperation is equally important.

The two principals urged parents to lead by example at home to prevent children from becoming dependent on mobile phones.

  [Concurrent] Yin Nan, Principal of Fengtai No.1 Primary School

  This area requires a good relationship between the school and the family. It is not simply that you do not allow you to not, but to let the children know that this matter will affect my vision and may affect my future innovation consciousness. Then adjust their dependence on mobile phones.

  [Concurrent] He Shiming, Principal of Fengtai No. 2 Middle School

  For underage primary and middle school students’ mobile phone management, in fact, education is shifting from heteronomy to self-discipline.

We call on parents to cooperate with the school to manage and guide their children’s mobile phones, lead by example at home, and formulate a good house rule. Let us put down mobile phones and participate in active and healthy reading sports activities.

So let the family, society, and school all collaborate. For the healthy growth of children, we manage the children’s mobile phones scientifically.

  Cheng Yu Du Yan reports from Beijing

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】