Nichi-Iko, a major generic drug company in Toyama City, has voluntarily recalled more than 70 items such as products manufactured in a process not approved by the government, and has been manufacturing by the same inappropriate method for at least about 10 years. Interviews with the people concerned revealed that it was supposed to have been damaged.

Toyama Prefecture sees that there was a serious problem with quality control, and on the 3rd, it issues a business suspension order and plans to suspend production at its main factory for 32 days.

It was discovered that Nichi-Iko's Toyama Daiichi Plant in Namerikawa City, Toyama Prefecture, was manufacturing pharmaceuticals in a process not approved by the government, and the company has been using anti-allergic drugs such as pollinosis since April last year. We voluntarily collected 75 items, including drugs that suppress blood sugar levels.

According to the people concerned, the factory retests and reprocesses the products that are "non-conforming" in the shipping test etc. according to the procedure not approved by the government from at least around 2011, and ships them as "conforming products". That was confirmed by an investigation by an outside lawyer who received a request from the company.

According to surveys, production increased sharply from around 2014 due to the growing demand for generic drugs, but we made an excessive production plan without securing personnel and equipment, and discarded products that did not conform to the test. It means that they were retesting so that they would not have to do it.

Toyama Prefecture has a policy of issuing a business suspension order based on the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Law on the 3rd, saying that there is a serious problem with the quality control system, etc., and sales operations at the Toyama Daiichi Factory for 5 to 32 days. Will be suspended for 24 days.

Regarding generic drugs, Kobayashi Kako, a drug maker in Fukui Prefecture that accidentally mixed a sleep-inducing agent component into a therapeutic drug such as athlete's foot, also issued an order to suspend operations for 116 days, the longest ever, last month. I am.