The writer Graham Greene once took part in a Graham Greene imitation competition, incognito of course.

He finished second.

In his new novel “Eurotrash” Christian Kracht makes it easier for potential jurors at a Christian Kracht contest.

Even if his name wasn't on the cover, there would be no doubt about the authorship.

Already on the first page the narrator admits, “that a quarter of a century ago I wrote a story which, for some reason that I unfortunately can't remember now, called Fiberland.

It ends in Zurich, in the middle of Lake Zurich, so to speak, relatively traumatic. "

Germany, through which the narrator of “Fiber Land” traveled 25 years ago, is a long way off, lost in bitter memories.

One of the two mottos on the previous page underscores this: “If you love Germany, you better not visit it.

Jorge Luis Borges. “We'll hear from Borges later.

But also from Germany.