Traffic control on the Yaxi section of G5 Beijing-Kunming Expressway due to icy roads

  CCTV, Chengdu, March 2 (Reporter Liu Tao) At about 20 o'clock on March 1st, due to icy roads on the Tuwushan section of the Yaxi Expressway, the minimum temperature is 0 degrees. In order to ensure the safety of vehicle traffic, the following control measures are currently being taken : Yaxi Expressway Yihai Security Checkpoint diverts and controls three-axle or more trucks (including three-axle) and nine-seater or more passenger cars in the direction from Xichang to Chengdu.

After the controlled vehicle exits the expressway via the Yihai toll gate, it passes through the 108 National Highway to the Liziping toll gate of the Yaxi expressway and then enters the expressway to continue driving towards Chengdu.

  The party member commandos of the third and fourth brigade of the Highway Public Security Bureau of the Sichuan Provincial Public Security Bureau and the on-duty civilian auxiliary police combined with personnel from relevant departments of the "One Road and Three Parties" to carry out deicing and snow removal operations. Toll stations, service areas, security checkpoints, and inter-provincial public security checkpoints divert traffic control and divert traffic to ensure safe, smooth and orderly roads in the jurisdiction.

If the roads in the jurisdiction are affected by extreme weather, measures such as remote diversion control, middle-end echelon diversion, and near-end patrols will be taken as soon as possible to ensure the safe and orderly travel of the people.