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Tanja Jess trains for peach hips and 'hip dips'

Tanja Jess has found the ideal exercise for hip dips, she says.

"Yes hip dips, those dimples between your pelvis and your hip", the actress explains.

According to Jess, the exercises give hips "the curves of a peach".

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Nicolette van Dam and Bas Smit receive first copy of the book Melissa

Nicolette van Dam and her partner Bas Smit have received the first copy of her book

My bad blood


Melissa Kremer, who is terminally ill due to cancer 


"Melissa is an example to all of us!"

says Smit.

In December, Smit invited 24-year-old Kremer to his backyard, transformed into a winter paradise.

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Jim Bakkum shares photo of daughter

Molly, the daughter of Jim Bakkum and Bettina Holwerda, turned two on Monday.

"What I cannot emphasize often enough is what an incredibly loving child this is," said the actor.

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Ellemieke feels stronger after divorce

Ellemieke Vermolen looks back with mixed feelings on her divorce with Sergio Herman, the presenter says on her Instagram Stories.

“A divorce is not easy, but despite all the grief it makes me stronger”, is Vermolen's answer to a question from a follower. “I believe that certain things should go the way they should.

Let go and have faith. "

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Ger (aldine) in a ger

Geraldine Kemper has been to very special places for BNNVARA and now that she works at RTL, she is not sitting still.

Last weekend the presenter slept in a so-called ger.

3 hours ago

Not with the Nuns after all

Two weeks ago Kelly Weekers had to endure a lot: John Ewbank's wife said she wanted to go completely offline and take a course with the Nuns of Vught, but soon stories came that she was enjoying the would be abroad.

Her husband turned out to have to go to Curaçao for business and Weekers went along.

She can now laugh at the fuss, as can be seen on social media.

With a photo of the island she writes: "If I had known that Vught was so beautiful, I would really have gone sooner."

yesterday at 5:56 PM

Katja Schuurman is captured peeing in the wild 

Katja Schuurman is photographed by her daughter while she is peeing in the wild.

"If your daughter photographs you when you are secretly peeing next to a carpool place ...", Schuurman writes on Instagram.

yesterday at 1:09 PM

Year old Boef congratulates himself

Boef can blow out 28 candles on Sunday and the rapper pauses on Instagram.

Estelle Cruijff is one of the first to congratulate Boef.

yesterday at 10:46 AM

Rachel Hazes overjoyed after online sing-along concert André

Rachel Hazes


via Instagram that she is overjoyed with the sing-along concert with hits by André Hazes that took place online on Saturday.

"We have been busy for you day and night for weeks, but what a wonderful evening we gave the people at home through an amazing sing-along concert", said the widow of the folk singer who died in 2004.

"Seventeen years ago we would not have dared to say out loud to each other that you would suddenly be doing a live stream concert again."

Tino Martin, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Willeke Alberti, Lil 'Kleine and OG3NE, among others, performed hits by Hazes on Saturday from the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.

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yesterday at 6:41 AM

Kim Kötter emotional because of brotherly love of sons

Presenter Kim Kötter, according to her own words, becomes emotional because her two eldest sons give so much love to their little brother, who was born on Friday.

"To be honest, I did not expect that boys would be so involved with this. That they give so much love to their little brother from moment one. And that they understand so well that this was in the stomach."

On Friday, Kötter and singer Jaap Reesema had their third son Ted.

Saturday at 5:40 PM

Katja Schuurman lights a fire in the garden

Katja Schuurman shares on Instagram how she makes a fire in her garden.

"Nice weather for a little bit!", She writes with the photo.

Saturday at 8:47 AM

Freek does not dare to wake Suzan up

Freek woke up this morning with his girlfriend Suzan who is sleeping on my arm.

"So I've had a sleeping arm for an hour. What should I do? Wake up or choose a nice day?", The singer asks his followers.

Friday at 9:55 PM

Lady Gaga Mourns Kidnapped Dogs

In an emotional Instagram post, Lady Gaga calls on her followers to look out for her dogs Koji and Gustav, who were taken on Wednesday night when they were walking.

Ryan Fischer, the dogs' nanny, was shot in the process.

The singer praises him: "I continue to love you, Ryan Fischer. You risked your life for our family. You are a hero forever."

Friday at 8:05 PM

Hans Klok can finally perform again.

Hans Klok will perform on Wednesday during the presentation of the Gouden Loeki, and he is very much looking forward to that.

"Next week I can finally perform again! I will do that at the presentation of the Gouden Loeki", Klok writes on Instagram on Friday.

"It feels good for me and my team to get back to a performance and prepare for what we love to do the most."

In January he said he wanted to stop working as an illusionist in order to focus on his television career.

The 51-year-old Klok had just returned from Las Vegas, where his attempt to break through internationally as an illusionist had failed.

Friday at 11:27 AM

Madonna happy that clothes still fit

After ten months, Madonna has finally recovered from her knee injury.

For the first time in a long time, the singer can effortlessly put on her costumes again.

"And they still fit", the singer responds with relief.

Madonna tries on outfits after walking on crutches for months

Friday at 11:27 AM

Friday at 9:55 AM

Jenna Fischer doesn't know

The Office

actress Jenna Fischer found a picture from the old days, but has no idea what to say about it.

"I really don't know which caption goes with it."

Thursday at 9:01 PM

Expensive package of Eddy Zoëy

has arrived. The presenter has finally received his clock radio from Japan, for which he initially had to pay more than 72,000 euros in import costs due to an administrative error.

"This is part four, and at the same time the last part of this bizarre story," he says on Instagram.

Thursday at 3:41 PM

Dog Douwe Bob at the helm

The singer posts a photo of his dog Tammy, who apparently is allowed to steer his boat.


Co-captain Tammy ready for duty

!" He adds.

Thursday at 9:53 AM

Happy with the family

Danielle Oerlemans gives her followers a glimpse into the daily family life of herself and her husband Reinout.

In a few old-fashioned photos, we see how the couple and their children have changed over the years.

Thursday at 5:58 AM

Rebel had hardly been an actress

Rebel Wilson reveals that she actually wanted to become a professional tennis star, the

Pitch Perfect



on Twitter.

"That didn't quite work out - I was too small and not good enough. So then I went for a career as an international movie star."

I don't know whether you guys know this but my original career goal was to bea professional tennis player 🎾 didn't quite work out, so I settled for international movie star 😛


Avatar Author Rebel Wilson Moment of places 5:04 AM - February 25, 2021

Wednesday at 9:19 PM

Dave gives his mother a car for her birthday

"Happy birthday, mama", he writes with a photo of a car with a big bow around it. 

Wednesday at 9:19 PM

Wednesday at 3:49 PM

Birthday Britt is disappointed that her mother and grandmother are in isolation

Britt Dekker will celebrate her 29th birthday on Wednesday, but cannot eat a cake with her mother and grandmother.

They are both in isolation because they are infected with the corona virus.

"Waving at Grandma's at the bottom of the flat and got an air hug through the glass from Mama."

Dekker's mother works in a hospital with corona patients, but "because of crazy choices" half of the staff there has not yet had a vaccination.

Her mother, among others, has not yet been vaccinated.

Wednesday at 12:35 PM

Monique does not give up

Monique Smit gave up her good friend Mick months ago for 

Married at First Sight

and he knew it: he married Daisy, but the marriage did not last long.

The singer does not give up and is now looking for a new girlfriend for Mick.

But above all, she wants to let him know that she is incredibly proud of him.

Wednesday at 9:35 AM

That is a nice wake up

Gordon is happy: not only did he wake up next to his dog Toto, he also learned this morning that his campaign against online hatred on


has helped.

As of today, the media site will stop with the option to respond to articles.

So the insulting comments sometimes appearing under articles have come to an end.

Wednesday at 5:59 AM

Can't stand the pressure

Chrissy Teigen asked Joe Biden to follow her on Twitter a few weeks ago.

The model was once blocked by Donald Trump and it seemed wonderful to her if his successor would follow her.

Now, however, she has asked President Biden to unfollow her again: she no longer dared to be as open on social media as she was before.

The American president has now responded.

I have tweeted a handful of times since my treasured @POTUS following.

In order for me to flourish as me, I must ask you to please lord unfollow me.

I love you!!!

It's not you it's me !!!!


Avatar Author Crissy teigen Moment of places 16: 15 - 23 February 2021

Tuesday at 8:10 PM

Quinty Trustfull can't wait to go to the hairdresser

Quinty Trustfull is desperate to be taken care of by a hairdresser.

The 49-year-old presenter is therefore happy that the hairdressers can open their doors again from 3 March.

With a photo on Instagram, she proves the need for the upcoming visit.

Tuesday at 13:41

David Guetta thanks his retired idols of Daft Punk.

Monday it was announced that the French electro duo Daft Punk will be calling it quits after 28 years.

DJ David Guetta thinks back to the time in 1997 when he arranged for Daft Punk to perform in Ibiza.

"For the first time I was proud to be a French DJ", Guetta addresses the duo.

"Thank you for all your great music and the inspiration you gave me. I never had idols apart from you."

Tuesday at 13:41

Tuesday at 11:06 AM

Maik de Boer goes back in time

The stylist shows which coins he used to collect in the hope that he would later become a millionaire.


Didn't happen

", he writes on Instagram.

"My father traveled a lot and always gave me the little money he had left."

Tuesday at 9:12 AM

Almost to the hairdresser again

Valerio Zeno summarizes what many people want: going to the hairdresser.

It seems that it will be possible again soon, but for the presenter it doesn't really have to be that way.

His father is a hairdresser, so he can always have his hair trimmed, he writes in his hashtags.

Tuesday at 6:09 AM

Laughing like a farmer with a toothache

Kim Kötter is eagerly looking forward to the birth of her third child, but now she has more on her mind than she was due a week ago.

Jaap Reesema's wife has pain in her mouth due to a root canal treatment.

Monday at 7:57 PM

Imanuelle Grives mourns deceased make-up artist

"You leave a lot of people sad, who really looked up to you, loved you and wanted to learn from your special life lessons", actress Imanuelle Grives says goodbye to Jaysira Ravenberg.

On Monday it was announced that the 35-year-old make-up artist of Grives, among others, was killed in a road accident in Ghana last Friday, together with a Dutch man and woman.

Monday at 6:09 PM

Jan de Hoop commemorates deceased dog after an accidental meeting

During a walk, Jan de Hoop came across a dog of the same breed as his boxer Bob, who died two years ago, on Monday.

"I still miss her every day," said the presenter of his pet.

Monday at 2:58 PM

Wilfried de Jong helps people from the metro in the event of a fire

Wilfried de Jong was on the metro when a fire broke out at Oostplein station in Rotterdam.

The presenter speaks on Twitter of "fire along the windows, forcing doors, smoke in the station".


Radio Rijnmond

De Jong tells that he and a boy had to force the door of the metro train where he was sitting to get out.

They then walked into the tunnel to free people from another metro train by opening the door from the outside.

De Jong was not injured.

Some travelers did inhale smoke.

Loud bangs under the moving metro, fire along the windows, forcing doors, smoke in the station.

But once all safely outside ... The Eye, Herman!



Avatar Author Wilfried de Jong Moment of places 13: 22-22 February 2021

Monday at 11:00

Diederik shows his new girlfriend

Diederik Jekel has had a new relationship for a while and for the first time the presenter and scientist shares a photo with his girlfriend.

"You never know what love or nice things you would not have found if life had turned out differently", Jekel writes.

"I always try to focus on and be grateful for the beauty that comes with misery and that has always brought me a lot of joy and comfort."

Monday at 9:48 AM

Miley has a new dog

Almost two months after the death of her pit bull Mary Jane, Miley Cyrus has adopted a new dog.

The singer explains why she called this pit bull Angel.

"I know for sure that Mary made her arrival."

Cyrus goes on to say that she regrets that people think pit bulls are aggressive because of the prejudice.

Angel was in a shelter for three months before the singer adopted her.

"I'm head over heels in love."

Monday, February 22 at 5:52 AM

More than twenty thousand signers

Gordon is grateful: in three days, twenty thousand people signed his petition.

The singer called for an end to anonymous online hatred and many people agree with him.

Gordon already has a new goal in mind, because now he wants to get 40,000 signatures.

Sunday, February 21 at 5:08 PM

Patricia Paay looks back on the jury period

Paay looks back on Instagram on her time as a jury member of the




"I was on the jury together with Maurice Wijnen and Henkjan Smits", Paay remembers.

"At the time there weren't as many talent shows as now and I really enjoyed hearing all that young and new talent."

Unfortunately for Paay, she was "only on the jury for two years and the program ended after the third season".

If possible, she would resume her duties as a jury member.

"If someone asks me: what do you like the most to do? Then that is still judging, so who knows, maybe that will come again."

Sunday, February 21 at 12:06 PM

René Froger commemorates deceased mother on her birthday

Singer René Froger pays tribute to his mother on Instagram, who passed away in 2009.

Mien van Es would have turned 79 today.

Together with René's father, Jan Froger, she formed the Amsterdam singing duo Jan & Mien.

"I still do everything with you in my heart," Froger writes with a photo showing him and his mother.

Sunday, February 21 at 07:39

Jim Bakkum and Bettina Holwerda engaged in 'ugliest parking lot ever'

Bettina Holwerda thinks back on her Instagram page to the moment when Jim Bakkum proposed to her, about ten years ago.

In their own words, this happened in "an ugly parking lot, next to a bottle bank" in Hawaii, where the two were on vacation.

According to Holwerda, the lackluster decor did not detract from the romance of the moment.

"Suddenly he kneels down. I don't know what he said, just that it was the sweetest, most sincere moment ever, and that he asked if I wanted to marry him. I didn't have to think twice about it."

Saturday, February 20 at 6:48 PM

Freek Vonk meets his mother in the wild

During a sunny walk through the Biesbosch nature reserve, Freek Vonk met his mother.

"Then we walked on together", jokes the biologist, scientist and presenter of nature series 

Freek in het wild

with the hashtag #mamainhetwild.

Saturday, February 20 at 5:35 PM

Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte is looking for photographer portrait photo from 2000

"When you were still allowed to smoke in the studio", presenter Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte recalls with a photo from 2000 of him and fellow DJ Ruud de Wild.

Kijk in de Vegte calls on the photographer unknown to him to report.

Saturday, February 20 at 3:38 PM

Sylvana Simons (50) jokes: "I am going to learn Surinamese"

"Now that I am fifty I can finally learn to read and write my mother tongue!", Sylvana Simons jokes at a photo of books to learn Surinamese.

The books are actually for the granddaughter of the former presenter and politician, but according to Simons born in Paramaribo, she can still learn more.

Saturday, February 20 at 10:52 AM

Waylon explains why he sent The voice candidates home

Waylon defended his choice on Saturday to send candidates Senja and Sezina away in

The voice of Holland


"Maybe I made choices that some people don't understand. I'll explain myself," he writes on Instagram.

"I wish her (Sezina, ed.) A future filled with gold and platinum and judging by the reactions, she does not have to worry about that. Right? What I especially wish her is that she can be a sixteen-year-old girl. and get away from everything that is expected of her, because in my opinion she cannot yet meet that expectation. "

Waylon says about Senja that she

doesn't need

The voice of Holland


"Behind the wheel, you determine your destination. Senja is behind the wheel and knows where she should be. I saw that well and luckily I have contact with her a few times a week and we are busy making a record. She writes. great songs! I wish everyone the very best, but above all let everyone do what they think is best. "

Saturday, February 20 at 8:17 AM

Baby forces Amber Brantsen to change

NOS newsreader Amber Brantsen became a mother for the first time a few weeks ago and is faced with all kinds of practical objections, for example that her baby does not care about her mother's clean clothes if she spills some milk .

Friday, February 19 at 6:04 PM

Nikkie de Jager responds to fuss about

Who Am I?

After the broadcast of

Wie Ben Ik?

there was some commotion on Thursday evening.

Rapper Donnie had to guess the name of Nikkie de Jager, after which presenter Caroline Tensen seems to wonder whether De Jager, who announced last year to be transgender, is now a woman.

De Jager was made aware of the fragment via social media.

"Next time there is no need to doubt whether I am really a woman or not", says De Jager.

She has now received a "sweet message" from Tensen.

"I know it doesn't come from an evil corner, just these little comments are so


, also for trans youth."

Tensen himself responded to the fuss via Instagram.

"I told her that it was certainly not my intention to hurt her and I sincerely apologized. She responded very sweetly and I am grateful to her. That way I learned a little more about the sensitivity of this particular subject." , said the presenter.

"Thank you dear Nikkie, you are a beautiful woman!"

I received a sweet message from Caroline and all is good of course!

💖 I know it doesn't come from an evil corner, only these little comments are so killing for the trans youth too.

😞 very nice to give people some knowledge.

and byrrrr 🥰👏🏻✨ https://t.co/34UslgGlJS


Avatar Author NikkieTutorials Moment of places 12:02 - 19 February 2021

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