Lie on the second-hand platform that the limited edition celebrity gift box was sold, defrauding 7 girls of more than 35,000 yuan——

  To make quick money, she focused on the star chasers

  Many star-chasing girls sometimes even have to wait or face a lot of uncertainty, but are still willing to buy the peripheral products of their beloved celebrities. Unexpectedly, they are taken advantage of by scammers.

They peddled celebrity gift boxes and popular variety show tickets on the Internet to defraud money.

On January 25, the Procuratorate of Binhu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province filed a public prosecution. The court sentenced Bai to two years and six months in prison for fraud and a fine of 10,000 yuan.

  Support idols, buy gift boxes from second-hand websites

  Xiaowei, a girl from Wuxi, Jiangsu, likes to watch TV dramas and variety shows outside of work, and relieves her hard day's work with a laugh.

Occasionally, she will buy some celebrity peripheral products to support her favorite idol.

  On March 28, 2020, when Xiaowei browsed Xianyu's second-hand website, she found that a store was selling Star A's studio signed gift box.

Celebrity gift boxes generally contain cosmetics, limited-edition dolls, snacks, etc., which are limited products and are autographed by celebrities. They are usually very popular and difficult for fans to buy.

  Xiaowei communicated with the seller and learned that there were still goods, and immediately ordered two gift boxes from the other party at a price of 880 yuan each.

She paid 760 yuan through the platform, and the remaining 1,000 yuan was paid by scanning the code after adding WeChat as requested by the other party.

However, the gift box has not been shipped for a long time. Under her urging, on April 13, the seller left Xiaowei with a logistics number on the platform.

Xiaowei thought it was shipped, so she was relieved.

  Then, Xiao Wei learned from the seller that the celebrity recently had a secret itinerary to record a dancing show. The audience in the venue had the opportunity to have close contact with their beloved idol on the same stage, and they would be eligible for admission by paying an activity fee of RMB 7,500.

Xiaowei felt that the opportunity was rare, so she decided to participate, but she didn't have so much cash on hand, so she scanned the QR code and paid a deposit of 500 yuan on the same day, and raised 7,000 yuan to pay off the next day.

  Xiao Wei, who was "successful in chasing the stars", was happy, but a few days later she discovered an abnormality: the platform reminded her that the system automatically received the goods, but she did not receive any goods.

Xiaowei hurriedly contacted the seller, and the other party comforted her that it was caused by the regular operation process of the platform, and had already asked about the logistics, which would not affect her receiving the gift box.

Xiao Wei believed it.

On May 1, several girlfriends heard that she had bought a signed gift box, and they were very envious, so they asked her to help with purchasing.

Xiaowei saw that the seller was still advertising the gift box, so she paid 7200 yuan to buy 6 star gift boxes.

  But then the seller has no news, Xiaowei urged left and right, the other side said for a while that the manufacturer had delayed the shipment during the epidemic, and then said that she had a home, and she might have been cheated by the other party.

Finally, the seller asked Xiaowei to wait until May 26 to give the message. Xiaowei realized that she might be fooled and asked for a refund, otherwise she called the police.

By June 14, the seller had refunded 5,400 yuan.

  Going to Shanghai to chase stars, the girl was "released pigeons"

  Feifei, a girl from Kunshan, Jiangsu, was also fooled by this seller.

At the beginning of May, Feifei saw on Weibo that someone claimed to be able to sell celebrities in the squad, so she contacted the other party by private message and added WeChat.

On May 16, the other party said that on June 3, a certain variety show had a live recording work permit for sale in Kunshan, and the permit holder could enter the venue to get close to celebrities.

Believing it was true, Feifei called the other party 8,000 yuan in three penalties.

  At the beginning of June, when the program recording date was approaching, the other party changed its name to the program party and notified the cause of the epidemic that the first two recordings did not bring viewers. During the third recording, they could go to the scene to obtain a work permit and enter.

On July 9th, the other party peddled her qualifications for a meeting with the star for 1,500 yuan. Feifei paid a deposit of 500 yuan on the same day and another 1,000 yuan for the final payment the next day.

On the 13th, when she came to the recording site of the third program in Shanghai, she could not find the place where the seller said to collect the tickets and work permit.

Feifei immediately contacted the seller and quarreled with him to request a refund, but the other party fully agreed.

On the 18th, the other party peddled the celebrity birthday party qualifications for 1,000 yuan.

Feifei believed again, and the payment was made in two installments. The other party informed of the event time. Feifei consciously couldn't spare time and asked for a refund. After repeated prevarication, she found that she was blacked out.

  At this time, Xiao Wei has reported to the Wuxi Binhu police.

The police quickly found Bai and his boyfriend Zhou, who lived in Tianjin, through the flow of funds.

  Be a scalper online, thinking about making quick money

  Bai admitted that he wanted to be a "scalper" on the Internet to repay his online loan, selling celebrity gift boxes, tickets to celebrity private events and other "quick money".

Later, I felt that it was too slow to make money, so I lied that it was in stock and used the money to repay online loans and daily expenses.

From mid-to-late February 2020, Bai and Zhou have posted celebrity activity advertisements on their personal Weibo and WeChat, as well as physical photos and videos of celebrity gift boxes to solicit business. When someone consults, they will trick the other party into paying. In all sorts of prevarication, sometimes the other party threatens to call the police and refunds a small amount of money to reassure them, and finally gets rid of the trouble.

  Zhou said that he had heard his girlfriend’s claim that there is a channel for delivery, and he has long posted advertisements online for her, selling celebrity gift boxes, and after receiving the payment from the other party, he left some of them, and the rest was called to Bai. He has not seen The real thing is not known whether it is true or false, but when it cannot be shipped, the other party will be refunded according to the situation.