• Cinema Quique San Francisco dies, mythical actor of the quinqui cinema



for friends".

Behind the bar of

Bodega Nalón

, in the San Genaro neighborhood, kitchen cloth in hand and apron tied at the waist, as in any neighborhood bar worth its salt, there was a waiter and political moderator for seven years (2001-2008) .

If Cervan (Tony Leblanc) and Ramón (Roberto Cairo) started the usual left-right dispute of all parishioners, there was

Quique San Francisco

to stop it.

Surprising for those who would end up turning political comments into the center of their speeches.

But at the beginning of the millennium, when

Tell me how it happened he was

taking his first steps, the now-deceased 65-year-old actor served as a waiter and moderator and became one of the iconic characters of the eternal TVE fiction.

Ironic, scathing, surety and director of the gathering made up of

Antonio, Desi and the aforementioned Ramón and Cervan

, San Francisco forged seven years behind the Nalón bar until "the envy" of some colleagues, as he explained in a


with Risto Mejide, they finished with Tinín outside of San Genaro.

Before the Spanish salons had already seen the figure of Quique San Francisco on their televisions with the

Crystal Ball


The woman of your life,

Thieves go to the office


La noche con Fuente y cía.

And then

El Hormiguero

would arrive,

where the Madrid actor collaborated from 2007 until his last appearance in December 2019. Together with

Pablo Motos, he

revealed his life, his passions, his phobias, his political comments and a memory for his neighbors.

Sit down



Because the


Quique San Francisco kept it for his seven seasons as a



El Club de la Comedia,

where he coincided with the new wave of comedy at that time:

Dani Rovira, Quequé or David Broncano


And it was precisely in the Broncano program,

La Resistencia,

in January 2020, where the comedian mixed humor with health: "I will retire when the public retires and my health is usually precarious. (...) Now I'm on a five [for health], at an eight or nine I haven't been in my fucking life. "

A fragile health, at least in his physical aspect, which even led him to be Death in the last Campofrío advertisement, where he met again with

María Galiana

-Herminia in


- to talk about death.

"I am a tostón, not to scare you, but to make you aware of the amazing miracle it is to be alive," he says before a conversation with the recently deceased Michael Robinson.

"What a mania you all have so come up!", He joked just a few months before his death.

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