Recently, amid the rumors of discord and school violence in the idol group, the bullying problem among the members of the girl group April also arose.

On the 28th of last month, a netizen named Lee Hyun-ju, the younger brother of April-born actor Lee Hyun-joo, revealed to the online community that Lee Hyun-joo suffered panic disorder and shortness of breath due to bullying and bullying within the team, and even tried to make extreme choices.

This netizen also claimed that when Lee Hyun-ju left the team, the agency DSP Media had to write a letter to the fans stating'Going out to act'.

Netizens also uploaded a photo of a resident registration copy containing Lee Hyun-joo's name to prove their identity.

Lee Hyun-joo, who debuted as a DSP media girl group April, did not work as a team for health reasons from May 2016, and in October of the same year, he withdrew to focus on acting as an actor.

After that, after going through KBS'Idol Reboot Project-The Unit', I re-debuted as a project girl group Unity in 2018 and worked for a while.

As the controversy spread, DSP Media made a stand today (1st) and said, "(2016) I expressed my intention to withdraw from the team at the time of'Tinker Bell' activities. We held back, but our intention was stubborn, so I decided to withdraw from April. "We have decided to make a decision."

DSP Media claimed that Lee Hyun-joo joined April through persuasion, but said, "Since the debut was confirmed, I have suffered difficulties such as not being able to faithfully participate in team activities due to my physical and mental problems."

"The other members also suffered tangible and intangible damage due to the conflicts caused by this, and everyone has complained of pain while having a hard time. You cannot divide anyone into the perpetrator or the victim based on the circumstances or circumstances at the time," he said. I actually admitted that my situation wasn't smooth.

DSP Media said, “We have provided all possible support for the activities in the field that Hyun-joo Lee wanted after withdrawal,” while saying that it felt the company's responsibility in this regard.

Last year, all members of the idol group, including Kwon Min-ah from the girl group AOA and Yoon Hee-seok from the boy group Limitless, continued to insist on disagreement and harassment within the team, causing a wave in the music industry.