Air combat hero Wang Hai still "moves China" in the new era

  Shen Jinke

  There is a kind of sentiment, which is the feelings of the soldier's family and country.

  This Spring Festival, the tide of my thoughts and emotions was stirred by one thing: 70 years ago, the Air Force first-class combat hero Wang Haijun, who shot down and wounded 9 enemy aircraft, was elected as "Moving China's 2020 Person of the Year".

  "Moving China" award speech, wrote this to the old hero Wang Hai, who traveled far and wide:

  Dive under the rising sun and fire in the west wind.

A sharp knife in the air is worth ten; a strong shield of territory patrols the sky and defends the country.

The mountains and rivers are intact, the eagle of the motherland has been flying higher, and the stars you engraved on the fuselage are the cruising coordinates of the soldiers.

  Why did the air combat heroes 70 years ago "touch China" in the new era?

  On the battlefield of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, Wang Hai led a young flying brigade to carry forward the spirit of "fighting bayonet in the air." Wang Hai Brigade".

With the victory of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, Wang Hai's heroic deeds "spread to all sides of the motherland and shock the other side of the ocean."

  "A hopeful nation cannot live without heroes, and a promising country cannot live without pioneers." Now that you have entered a new era and embarked on a new journey, have you realized that heroes are revered, heroic deeds are spreading, and the blood of heroes is right. Inheritance and heroic spirit inspire future generations, we are proud to live in a heroic country.


  The sky is the place where heroes grow.

  Under the strong leadership of the party, the People’s Air Force, which has gone through a glorious course of more than 70 years, has emerged with a large number of evocative heroes and models.

The deeds of fighting heroes such as Wang Hai, Liu Yudi, Sun Shenglu, Zhao Baotong, Zhang Jihui, Yue Zhenhua have inspired and educated generations of Chinese people and greatly inspired the national spirit.

When Wang Hai was 94 years old, he saw such a historic scene on TV——

  On November 8, 2019, President Xi attended a theme event celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Air Force.

On the Hero Square of the China Aviation Museum, the "Blue Sky Soul" sculpture is solemn and solemn.

President Xi presented a basket of flowers to the heroes of the People’s Air Force, bowed three times to the heroes of the People’s Air Force, paid tribute to the wall of the heroes of the People’s Air Force, and expressed his deep memory of the heroes.

President Xi emphasized that we must always remember the heroic deeds of the heroes and carry forward the heroic spirit of heroes from generation to generation.

  "Chairman Xi presented a basket of flowers to the heroes of the People's Air Force, bowed three times to the heroes of the People's Air Force, and paid tribute to the heroes of the People's Air Force Wall." The details made the old heroes moved and stirred the hearts of the majority of netizens.

  In the theme exhibition celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Air Force, a big picture with the words "Greatly Develop Bombers" is tearing me up. It was left by the old General Liu Yudi, who was also a "first-level combat hero" with Wang Hai.

Liu Yudi shot down 6 enemy aircraft and damaged 2 aircraft, setting a record for the People’s Air Force to shoot down 4 enemy aircraft in one air battle.

On the afternoon of February 16, 2015, Liu Yudi, a dying old hero, tremblingly wrote the 7 words "Greatly develop the bomber" on the hospital bed, leaving a heroic pilot's dying instructions and last concerns.

  The People's Air Force, heroes come forth in large numbers.

You see, there are more than 1,800 bright red names engraved on the walls of the heroes of the Air Force. Among them are the heroes of air warfare who defend their homes and the country, the blue sky warriors who fly scientific research, and the heroes of the sky who sacrificed their lives for the people. , Unlimited loyalty to the motherland and the people.


  It is difficult for people who have not experienced the war years to appreciate the friendship between life and death.

The story I heard and witnessed in the Year of the Rat interprets the Chinese expression of "comrade-in-arms feelings".

  It was the morning of September 19 last year. People from all walks of life in the military and civilians said goodbye to the prestigious air combat hero Wang Haijun at Babaoshan in Beijing.

On this day, it is the National Defense Education Day. Beijing has tried to sound air defense sirens in some areas to remind people of danger in times of peace.

  Among the people from all walks of life saying goodbye to the 95-year-old hero Wang Hai, we saw two elderly people in wheelchairs.

One is Zhang Jihui, a 93-year-old first-class combat hero and special class hero.

On February 10, 1952, Zhang Jihui, then head of the Volunteer Air Force Flight Battalion, with the cooperation of a wingman, shot down the plane piloted by the American ace Davis, known as the "One In The Air".

At that time, Zhang Jihui had just passed her 25th birthday.

  Another old man is Comrade Wang Tianbao, a 94-year-old second-class combat hero.

He sometimes couldn't recognize the family around him, but he recognized Zhang Jihui who came with him at a glance.

When Wang Tianbao raised his head and saw the portrait of his old comrade-in-arms Wang Hai, his eyes were already filled with tears.

The two old men asked the staff to lift them up from their wheelchairs, and insisted on standing to complete the final farewell to the old comrades.

  On this day, public opinion at home and abroad is still paying attention to such a scene: neatly lined up Air Force "post-00s" and "post-90s" fighters, holding large photos with the words "Nine Stars, Megatron Nine Heavens", to be old heroes. See off, to see off their admired "grandpa generation comrades".

  That afternoon, the 9 big photos that appeared at the farewell scene were collected as treasures by the old hero's family.

The old hero Wang Hai has a relationship with the "9" in his life: he joined the party at the age of 19, served as a division commander at the age of 29, served as a deputy commander at the age of 39, served as a military commander at the age of 49, and served as an air force commander at the age of 59. All stop on the 9 characters, and the 079 Meritorious Fighter with 9 red stars painted on it is collected by the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution.

Seeing off at Babaoshan at 9 o'clock on September 19, 2020, the phrase "Nine Stars, Megatron Nine Heavens" has become a "national memory" forever.

  A generation will eventually get old, but there are always people who are young, with fire in their hearts and light in their eyes.

Using the heroic stories of the older generation to guide young people to organically unify their self-worth, social value, national value, and national value, can they stand invincible in the unbeatable situation in a century.


  Good attackers move on the nine heavens.

  The People’s Air Force, which integrates air and space, has both offensive and defensive capabilities, is a strategic service with a fine tradition.

Under the strong leadership of the party, generations of air force officers and soldiers have great ambitions, fought thousands of miles in the sky, promoted air force construction to achieve world-renowned achievements, and established immortal feats for safeguarding national sovereignty, security, and development interests.

  On November 11, 2015, the 66th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Air Force, Wang Hai, the old hero, gave me a calligraphy work of "Telling the Air Force Story" and a book he wrote, "My Fighting Career."

After reading the affectionate encouragement of the old hero, I remembered the song "When I grow up I will be you".

When I was young, there were portraits of people’s air force combat heroes on the walls of many people in our rural areas. When I grew up, I was fortunate to be a member of the people’s air force. I could also see the air force combat heroes I admired when I was a child. My heart was full of pride and pride.

  There is such a story in the old hero "My Fighting Career". When I participated in the Shenzhen "National Defense Forum" in September 2016, I told the youth of the special economic zone to resonate: On November 18, 1951, Wang Hai led the flying brigade and was defeated. A battle recorded in the history of air force warfare.

That afternoon, Wang Hai's regiment was ordered to take off and intercept the enemy plane.

Just as the formation broke through the formation of the American bomber group and was about to break them one by one, Wang Hai suddenly discovered that more than 60 American F-84 fighters appeared in the low altitude in the front left.

In that confrontation, they fought together, and Wang Hai could almost see the enemy pilot in the opposite cabin.

In the most recent time, Wang Hai opened fire at a distance of less than 500 meters. The enemy plane exploded in front of his eyes, and the enemy's bullets also hit his wing.

In just 10 minutes, Wang Hai himself shot down two enemy planes, and his brigade shot down 5 enemy planes in total, without any casualties, and scored 5:0.

  I scored a 5:0 result in 10 minutes. This story has deeply attracted Shenzhen teenagers and moved me as a narrator time and time again.


  People's Air Force, patrol the sky and defend the country.

  Liu Yalou, a famous general of a generation, was the first commander of the People's Air Force. He has always been respected by Wang Hai and by generations of Air Force officers and soldiers.

  I remember that on October 17, 2019, the air opening event celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Air Force opened in Changchun, Jilin Province. Air Force Commander General Ding Laihang and Air Force Political Commissar Yu Zhongfu, together with the public from all over the country, witnessed it on the spot. He is proud of the new achievements of strengthening the country and rejuvenating the army with the great power of the J-20 and Yun-20.

  In the afternoon, Admiral Ding Laihang and Admiral Yu Zhongfu returned to Beijing. They went to the home of the first commander of the Air Force, Liu Yalou, and visited the 91-year-old wife of Liu Yalou, Zhai Yunying, and introduced her to her new achievements in the transformation and development of the Air Force. The veteran commander expressed deep respect for the outstanding contributions to the construction and development of the People’s Air Force, and was full of confidence in the Air Force’s strategic transformation vision.

  As General Yu Zhongfu said in his speech at the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the People’s Air Force, the people of the whole country love the blue sky and care about the Air Force, which is the source of the force for the reform, development and transformation of the Air Force.

It is the mission and responsibility that the Air Force must undertake to manage the air and the sky, be able to win the war, and live up to the expectations of the party and the people.

The Air Force resolutely implements the military strategy of the new era, resolutely safeguards national sovereignty, security, and development interests, and uses loyalty and life to protect the peace and tranquility of the motherland and the happy life of the people.

  This story was recorded in the micro-video "A Day Between Two Air Force Admirals" released by the Air Force.

Just a few days before the opening ceremony to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Air Force, I went to Wang Hai’s old hero’s house and asked the old heroes to encourage the air force pilots in the new era.

At that time, I gave the old hero the J-20 badge we made to wear on my chest and told him that the "Wang Hai Brigade" flew on the J-20 plane. The old hero said happily, "Flying the J-20, young People must fly well, make contributions to the blue sky, and defend the motherland!" What we didn't expect was that this precious image was the last time the old hero Wang Hai took a photo.

  At the press conference to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the People’s Air Force, we released the message "J-20 Fighters Arrayed the People’s Air Force "Ace Force"," and broadcasted live broadcasts of the old hero Wang Hai’s encouragement to the J-20 pilots. In the video, the vast number of netizens praised the old hero very much. They praised the People’s Air Force "Ace Force" with the J-20 fighter, which will better shoulder the sacred mission of safeguarding national sovereignty, security, and territorial integrity.

  The old hero Wang Hai, who drove the MiG-15 fighter for nine days, placed a J-20 fighter model in the bookcase in his home, which carries the desire of the Republic’s fighter heroes to become a strong army in the new era.

We report to the old hero: Since the first announcement on October 28, 2016 that "Air Force test pilots will drive the J-20 aircraft to the China Air Show", we have also successively released the "J-20 fighter aircraft installed in the Air Force combat unit". The news that the Air Force J-20 fighter planes are launching actual combat training in the maritime direction. From single-plane wings to seven-plane formations, it is the track of sword-making in the sky, and it is also the track of strengthening the country and rejuvenating the army.

The magnificent trails draw the concentric circles of the Republic: the J-20 has high ambitions, and the J-20 patrols the sky and defends the country.


  "The Communist Party trained me to be a pilot, and I didn't shame the Chinese!" "I am brave, and I am not afraid of death. Can a pilot be a pilot if I am afraid of death?" These widely circulated online sayings were accepted by the old hero Wang Hai during his lifetime. In an interview with Shandong Satellite TV, my hometown TV station, he said something in Jiaodongfang's dialect.

After the broadcast on Shandong Satellite TV, a number of TV stations spread empathy.

  After the old hero Wang Hai left us, I have been thinking: What is the best respect for the old hero who is still alive?

How should we juniors be good recorders and keepers of history?

At the very least, respect the history of heroes, learn about the history of heroes, speak well about the history of heroes, do a good job in recording, keeping, and keeping history, and record more precious video materials of old heroes.

  Flying is the career of the brave.

This "brave" also means sacrifice and heroism in peacetime.

On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2018, an Air Force plane crashed during flight training. Unfortunately, the crew on the plane lost their lives for the modernization of national defense and the military, and for building a powerful and modern People’s Air Force.

The memorial event was solemn and solemn. When the name of a sacrificed pilot was read, there was a heartbreaking voice. It was the cry of a baby in the arms of the sacrificed pilot's family.

That sudden crying might be a natural reaction of blood connection. The comrades in the room and I could no longer bear the tears that hurt in our hearts.

  After participating in the memorial service and returning to Beijing, the cry of the heart-wrenching baby kept me worried.

I have been thinking: in peacetime, there will be glorious sacrifices of comrades-in-arms, and some comrades-in-arms will leave behind "military babies" who have not yet grown up. How should we be the "uncles" and "uncles" who have lost their fathers. ?

What can we do to be worthy of those comrades who have shed blood and sacrificed their lives?

What can we do to make those "military children" who have lost their fathers feel the warmth of the collective barracks where his father was alive?

What can we do to enable those "military children" who have lost their fathers since childhood to rely more on them and suffer less embarrassment?

What can we do to make those "military children" who have lost their fathers grow up healthily and develop?

  Our comrades-in-arms patrolled the sky and defended the country and shed blood in the sky. We should work with all sectors of society to give the greatest affection and love, so that their relatives and future generations will shed less tears.

As long as we all work together, they will have peace of mind and a bright future!

  (The author is a spokesperson for the Air Force)