Keep scrolling, consuming scraps of news at a time - this bad habit is called "Doomscrolling".

With the mobile phone in hand we look for our “doom”, we can't stop googling, reading, and clicking.

What is behind this special form of cell phone addiction?

Why should this search for bad news actually protect us from an evolutionary point of view - and how do you get rid of it, especially in times of corona?

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is the honest podcast.

A podcast in which all the really important questions of everyday life and pop culture are discussed: What do breast selfies have to do with feminism?

How does the long-term relationship stay happy?

Why do designers print political slogans on T-shirts - and what can we learn from the TV Bachelor?

In short: THE REAL WORD is about love, fashion, everyday life and politics - so listen, please!

By the way, Nicola Erdmann and Julia Hackober are at the microphone.

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