A decade later, Charlie Sheen still looks back with great regret on his behavior that led to his dismissal from

Two and A Half Men


The 55-year-old actor regrets that he misbehaved due to frequent alcohol and drug use, he looks back at




Sheen had to leave the series after he spoke derogatory about creator Chuck Lorre in several interviews.

"People said to me that they thought it was so cool that I did that and that it was fun to watch. That they thought it was cool that I stood up for myself," the actor now says.

He did not like that support and that he was a trending topic because of his statements.

"I'm thinking now, yes, great. I'm glad I was forced into early retirement over a fucking hashtag."

He should have approached his relationship with the makers of the series and channel CBS differently, says Sheen.

"There were 55 different ways to deal with that situation and I chose number 56."


The actor started drinking and taking drugs again after he was diagnosed with HIV in 2011.

When Sheen was fired because of his behavior, things went downhill for him in the following period.

He has been clean and sober since 2017.

The actor is convinced that eventually people will forget that he was once news because of his strange statements.

"I firmly believe that the things I will do professionally will make you forget that hassle and that people will like me again for what I do for a living."