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Reactions in the form of a digital raid.

LREM MP Aurore Bergé will lodge a complaint on Saturday for the “hundreds” of threatening or insulting messages she received after having described Medina as an “Islamist rapper”.

For his part, the artist announced on Wednesday that he had filed a defamation complaint with the Paris court.

The MP for Yvelines will file a complaint against X to the gendarmerie after having constituted "an exhaustive file" of several dozen messages: "very clear, very direct threats, the most violent insults", of which she shared extracts on social networks.

In all, the deputy president of the LREM group at the Assembly said that she had received "at this stage several hundred" messages.

"We will cut your throat, we will find you, we know your address"

“I have already, like many elected officials unfortunately, received messages of threats and insults.

I have never experienced this volume, to the point that I had to cut off the possibility of commenting on my posts on Instagram or certain tweets.

Now, I have a lot of private messages that continue to be sent to me like "we are going to cut your throat, we will find you, we know your address", "explains the deputy.

On Twitter, Aurore Bergé also received many messages of support, including outside her political family: the national secretary of EELV Julien Bayou thus said he was "scandalized by the threats and sexist attacks" that she receives.

Medina posted on Twitter on Tuesday evening proof of filing of his complaint with civil action with the Paris judicial court, on the charge of public defamation targeting Aurore Bergé after his comments made on LCI Thursday, February 18.

Canceled concerts at the Bataclan

Reacting to the debate on Islamo-leftism in universities provoked by the Minister of Education Frédérique Vidal, Aurore Bergé took the example of the École normale supérieure (ENS) which in 2017 invited "this Islamist rapper, Medina , the one who said that the secularists had to be killed ”.

Medina is regularly accused on the right and on the far right of appeasing Islamism.

He had canceled in 2018 concerts planned at the Bataclan after requests to this effect from relatives of victims and far-right movements.

The strength of culture versus the culture of strength

- Medina (@Medinrecords) February 25, 2021

"I will bring the elements demonstrating the good faith which is mine", said Aurore Bergé who awaits in the coming months the notification of her indictment, "almost systematic in the cases of defamation by way of press".


Medina: "I was taken for a bomber when I was a deminer"


"I have this feeling of having been propelled into the adult world by obligation", says Medina.

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