Rossi kills his pregnant wife: she did not say hello to me

A 25-year-old Russian husband, his 30-year-old pregnant wife, was stabbed to death with a knife, killing the two. When her 5-year-old daughter "from a previous marriage" tried to protect her, she was also stabbed several times.

The Russian authorities charged a fireman with murder in a series of brutal crimes that affected his family.

The terrible accident occurred in the family's home in the city of Vologda, northwestern Russia, two weeks after marriage, and it became clear that the man drinks alcohol a lot, to the point that his wife is tired of him and ignores him.

And an audio clip appeared in an audio clip telling the investigators: "You came home and did not say hello to me. I got angry. I went to the kitchen and took the biggest knife." After the murders were committed, the man set fire to the house, trying to destroy evidence.