The anger from animal rights organizations is growing over a ship with nearly 1,800 cows that has been bobbing at sea for over two months.

The Elbeik sailed from Spain to Turkey, a journey of nine days, but is not allowed to moor here because the animals may carry the bluetongue virus.

That is why the animals of the Turks were not allowed to disembark.

According to

The Guardian

, the owner of the ship has since tried to find another buyer in Libya and Egypt, but this has not been successful.

The animals have not been off the ship for over two months.

Many European animal rights organizations are furious about the state of affairs, saying the cows are in "hell".

It is unclear how many animals have since died from the heat, exhaustion and stress.

The boat is currently in the port of Famagusta, a town on the east coast of Cyprus near the border with the Republic of Cyprus.

Another ship with cows returned to Spain

The ElBeik is not the only ship in this situation.

The Karim Allah also left Spain on December 18, with 895 animals on board.

This ship returned to the port of Cartagena earlier this week after two months of sailing.

22 cows would have died on the way;

these have been chopped up and thrown overboard.

According to

The Guardian

, the Spanish government wants to kill the animals on the Karim Allah.

They would be in bad condition and could no longer be transported.

It would be a risk to let the animals on land because of diseases that they can now carry.

Estamos ahora protestando frente al puerto de Cartagena pidiendo la prohibición de la exportación de animales a países fuera de la UE. Firma ahora para poner fin a esta crueldad


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Animal rights clubs want to end transport by ship

An owner of the shipping company informs

The Guardian

that he is protesting against this.

They were to be disembarked shortly.

The spokesman said the number of casualties among the cows "falls within the legal limits".

The boat belongs to a Lebanese shipping company, the animals are owned by another party.

Animal rights organizations in several European countries, such as the Animal Welfare Foundation and Igualdad Animal, are calling on the EU to ban the transport of animals by ship.

The Party for the Animals has been trying to work on this for some time in a European context.

Just over a million live cattle were transported within the EU in 2020.

Half of this was moved by ship, mainly to the Middle East.

The shame of European animal transports has reached new low.

1800 cows put on the boat to Turkey.

Turkey is (not for the first time) making a fuss about the papers and the animals have been bobbing at sea for 2 months now. Stop this madness, people


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