In response to the cancellation of the state of emergency in the six prefectures on the 28th, Gifu Prefecture held a meeting of the countermeasures headquarters and requested a shortening of business hours for restaurants in the prefecture from March 1st to 7th. , I decided to delay it by 1 hour and relax by 9 pm.

At the meeting held at the Gifu Prefectural Office, the prefecture announced "measures to prevent re-spread of infection" from March 1st to 7th.

Specifically, while easing requests for restaurants to shorten business hours by one hour from the current 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm, we will continue to refrain from going out unnecessarily and moving across prefectures. , We call on you to refrain from events with high risk of infection such as graduation trips and cherry blossom viewing.

In cooperation with the national government, we will perform PCR tests on asymptomatic people in downtown areas to see if the infection has spread again.

At the meeting, Eiichi Tomita, chairman of the Gifu Prefectural Hospital Association, requested that "reducing the number of elderly infected people is important to prevent medical strains. I would like to ask you to secure sufficient vaccines."

Yoshiaki Kishino, chairman of the Gifu Prefecture Tourism Federation, said, "Even if the declaration is lifted, the difficult situation will continue. The business operators are exhausted without seeing the exit," and asked for continued support.

At the end of the meeting, Governor Furuta said, "We will take the business hours of restaurants as a step to ease, but basically we will maintain the current measures," and demanded that we take measures with a sense of tension even after the declaration was lifted. ..