China News Service, February 27. According to Hong Kong Radio News, due to the deterioration of cancer, at 5 pm on February 27, the actor "Uncle Da" Wu Mengda, who was known as the "gold medal supporting role" in the Hong Kong film industry, passed away due to illness. He was 70 years old.

Earlier news said that after Wu Mengda was transferred to the ICU due to his critical condition, the doctor had notified his family and friends to go to the hospital to meet with him.

Wu Mengda, who is well-known for cooperating with Stephen Chow in many films, has been in the film for decades, leaving behind countless classic images on the screen, and vividly interpreting the joyful and sad life like a play.

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【Healed from a serious illness and slowed down the pace of work】

  Hong Kong media reported that Tian Qiwen, a long-time friend of Wu Mengda and the chairman of the Hong Kong Film Workers Association, previously stated that Wu Mengda suffered from liver cancer and was admitted to the hospital on February 21 for medical treatment. He had undergone surgery two months ago because of the spread of cancer cells and had to undergo chemotherapy.

  In 2014, Wu Mengda had heart failure due to a virus infection. He was sent to the ICU for emergency treatment at one time, and even death was reported twice.

In an interview later, Wu Mengda revealed that his weight dropped from 79 kg to 68 kg when he was ill. In severe cases, his heart function is only 30% left, which is very dangerous.

Fortunately, the doctor succeeded in rescue and saved his life from danger, but he suffered a lot from a serious illness, and his pace of life slowed down.

  For the sake of health, Wu Mengda quit smoking and drinking after he was discharged from the hospital. He frankly said that "especially smoking, I have been with me for more than 40 years, and I started smoking in my teens, three packs a day! But there is no way, you must quit"

  "In the past few years, the main reason for not filming was physical reasons. Many scenes were physically restricted and could not be shot. The scenes that stayed up too late were not able to survive, and the movements were too big. It was very bad." Because of the physical condition, the drama and movie invitations had to be rejected. At that time, Wu Mengda estimated that his income loss was at least seven figures.

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Picture source: Hong Kong "Ming Pao"

[Looking back on the past years, experiencing several ups and downs]

  Looking back on the past years, Wu Mengda's life has also experienced several ups and downs.

According to Taiwan's "News Today" report, Wu Mengda recalled that in 1971 he was admitted to the Hong Kong TVB artist training class and was a classmate with Chow Yun-fat. After that, he performed Hu Tiehua in the Hong Kong drama "Chu Liuxiang", which gave him a taste of popularity. $1,500 in income.

  Wu Mengda recalled that after becoming popular at the time, he had no intention of working. He was addicted to drinking and gambling. Then he realized that he was facing an unemployment crisis and owed 300,000 Hong Kong dollars in gambling debts.

At that time, the first person he thought of for help was his friend Zhou Yunfa.

  Wu Mengda said that when he asked for help for Chow Yun-fat because of debts, Chow Yun-fat said, "You solve it yourself!" This sentence made him very popular, because 300,000 Hong Kong dollars was a small number for "fa brother". I hate him, I can't comprehend that sentence."

  When the media later asked Wu Mengda about this, he said that a few years later, he walked out of the bottom of his life and “only understood Chow Yun-fat’s good intentions.” If Chow Yun-fat helped him back then, then he would continue to corrupt. Full of gratitude.

  Active on the screen for more than 40 years, Wu Mengda has created many vivid characters, especially comedies.

The works he starred in "I can't even count myself", although most of these roles are used as supporting roles for "Green Leaf", they do not affect his popularity among the audience.

  In particular, a series of collaborations with Stephen Chow, known as the "King of Comedy", has achieved Wu Mengda's status as a gold medal comedian in the Hong Kong film circle. Many films have become classics in the memory of a generation and have been talked about today.

He has played roles in various identities, such as businessman, beggar, agent, etc.

In the two parts of "One-stop Transport", "The Dead Officer", "The Gambler", "Tricky Expert", "Playing Back to School", "Wu Zhuang Yuan Su Qier", "Western Journey", "Jigong" , "The King of Destruction", "Moon Stars", "The God of Cookery", "The King of Comedy", "Shaolin Football" and other big-ticket movies cooperating with Stephen Chow, Wu Mengda's funny and funny, firmly captured the audience's His sight has created success again and again. It is not an exaggeration to call him the "laughing craftsman" in the Hong Kong film industry.

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  [Finally become a "male protagonist" in an emotional life]

  However, after fame and fortune embraced, Wu Mengda still had a wish to be realized.

Finally, in August 2018, the family comedy "The Laughter of the New Oolong Yard" was released.

In this film, 65-year-old Wu Mengda realized his wish to be a "male lead" for the first time.

  At the press conference at that time, a collection of Wu Mengda's 45 years of filming was played on the big screen to pay tribute to the old actor.

Wu Mengda also shared his thoughts on the spot: "I have been filming for 45 years. I thought everyone was tired of seeing it. I didn't expect to give me the face of this old man." He said emotionally: "For 45 years, there are It was bumpy, but I also miss it very much...I will not retire, I will perform another 50 years!"

  Wu Mengda said with emotion: "I seem to like acting very much in my life, and I still like it very much. This is the greatest significance of my survival."

  In 2017, Wu Mengda, who gradually recovered from his illness, participated in the science fiction film "The Wandering Earth."

In the interview, he confessed that this was the most "difficult" time in his filming. Carrying dozens of kilograms of equipment to "toss" back and forth was no easy task for him, who was already very old, so he once said " I really can't shoot."

He said, "Working hours, setting, and director's requirements for roles must be very high."

  Wu Mengda commented that he once "couldn't believe that this is a script written by a Chinese" and that the movie "works really well" and "can be used."

He believes that "it was true that no one would shoot this kind of film before, because science fiction is relatively weak in our country, but the director himself is very persistent, and it took several years to plan this film." In the film, his image also makes The audience saw a different Wu Mengda, who lived up to the expectations of fans, and his role was impressive.

 [Multi-marriage and five children "Uncle Da" diligently support the family]

  After being admitted to the hospital due to illness in 2021, Wu Mengda's third wife, Hou Shanyan, of Malaysian nationality, has arrived from Malaysia. Because of the epidemic, she had to complete the isolation before going to the hospital.

  Wu Mengda had many marriages. The first two wives gave birth to three daughters. He and his current wife Hou Shanyan married in 1996 and have one son and one daughter.

  "Da Ge" once said that he has to take care of 3 families and 5 children, which is a heavy burden, so he has been working hard.