The Clubhouse app, on which you can talk to complete strangers, is a huge hit.

International and Dutch stars have also discovered the social medium. asks 'Clubhousers' Jan de Hoop (

RTL Nieuws

) and Dyantha Brooks (


) how they ended up with this new hype.

Jan de Hoop (66) can be found at Clubhouse with his husband Coen every week.

The two answer questions about presentation techniques, something they have been advising on for twenty years.

"I still had to be convinced, but Coen is fanatical about it," says the RTL newsreader.

Occasionally they are also in other 'rooms', but in principle they 'host' their own room every week.

"The danger is a bit that I will get too much attention, that people will mainly focus on me because I am famous", says De Hoop.

"So that's why I consciously take on a role in the background. Coen hosts it, I'm kind of a sidekick."

De Hoop thinks Clubhouse is "the nicest department of social media".

"There are a lot of crazy people on Twitter with wonderful names that others anonymously scold, but here you have to bare your buttocks. You have to be invited and give your name, email address and telephone number. They are real people, with real problems, with whom you have a can have a good conversation and with whom you can exchange knowledge. "

'I will not forget a conversation with Patty and Jan'

Dyantha Brooks (32) arrived at Clubhouse out of curiosity and has been a fanatic user ever since.

"There are now a lot of people at home and you don't meet many new people anymore. At Clubhouse you can still find each other in certain areas of interest. That immediately appealed to me", says the SBS presenter.

Sometimes Brooks listens in on a conversation that talks about career advice, but often the Clubhouse sessions are about work and play.

"Then someone is looking for a date and I try to play Cupid", she laughs.

"The group is sometimes enormous, with up to seven hundred people, with twenty speakers. Then discussions sometimes arise. Sometimes quite flat, but that makes me laugh out loud."

The presenter thinks she would not have spent much time at Clubhouse outside the corona period.

"Now you are at home in the evening, I open the app and see who is online. I then agree with colleague Bart (Ettekoven, ed.) 'Not tonight' and in the end we are there anyway and we try Patty Brard. "

Brooks even wants to curtail her use of the app.

"I am now about three evenings a week, but I am aiming for less. The danger is that you want to take a look, but still end up in a conversation and you are a few hours further, because it is so interesting. is. "

Which conversation stays with her?

"I will not forget the conversation in which Jan Roos looked a little too deep into the glass and declared love to Patty Brard. Drunk people tell the truth, haha."

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