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This is called putting butter in the fondue.

A Swiss player pocketed the record gain of 210 million euros (or 228 million Swiss francs) during the EuroMillions draw on Friday evening,

the FDJ


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It is not yet known whether it is via the Internet or via a point of sale.

The lucky winner therefore checked the following numbers: 6 12 22 29 33 and the stars 6 and 11.

The previous record jackpot - 200 million euros - was won on December 11 by a Frenchman who played on the Internet.

But the new record could fall altogether in the future since the maximum jackpot cap has been set at 250 million euros, so there is still room.

Since the game's launch in February 2004, 502 jackpots have been won across the EuroMillions community.

In first position, France has 110 winners, the United Kingdom is second with 109 winners and Spain in third position with 107 winners.

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EuroMillions FDJ: A historic mega jackpot of 210 million euros this Friday February 26


EuroMillions: The record jackpot of 200 million euros won in France

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