Members of a youth group advocating the need for countermeasures participated in a committee of experts who consider measures against global warming in the country, and calculated backwards from the goal of realizing a "decarbonized society" by 2050, and stepped forward from the present. However, he appealed that he should set medium-term goals.

This committee has been discussing the revision of the national global warming countermeasure plan, and on the 26th, the members of three groups made up of university students who are appealing for the necessity of global warming countermeasures will give their opinions online. I listened to it.

Japan has set a medium-term goal of "reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 26% in 2030 compared to 2013," and the government plans to review this in the meantime.

The participating members of "Climate Youth Japan" did not think about the new medium-term reduction target as an extension of the current target, but calculated it back from the goal of realizing a "decarbonized society" by 2050. He appealed that it should be more advanced than it is now.

Other groups expressed their opinions requesting the establishment of a new conference that listens widely to the voices of the people, and the committee members who attended said, "Because the decision made now will affect the future burden, the opinions of the younger generation will be expressed. It should be taken seriously. "

Based on these opinions, the government has decided to review its global warming countermeasures plan and medium-term goals by around autumn.