China News Service, Beijing, February 26 (Reporter Gao Kai) China Central Radio and Television Station announced that the "2021 Lantern Festival Gala" will arrive at 20:00 on February 26 (the 15th of the first month) as scheduled.

The whole party will take the theme of "Songs, dances, skits, cross talk, acrobatics, magic, martial arts, opera, musicals, etc." with the theme of "Songs, dances, sketches, cross talks, acrobatics, magic, martial arts, operas, musicals, etc." , A variety of programs will also present a "happy, auspicious, and joyous" cultural feast to the global Chinese with a rich variety of art.

  According to reports, throughout the party, there were many senior artists such as Tian Hua, Li Guangxi, Hu Songhua, Tao Yuling, Xie Fang, Zhang Mu, Lei Kesheng, Deng Yuhua, Guan Mucun, Bian Xiaozhen, Wang Jieshi, Wen Yujuan, Cai Ming, Pan Changjiang and other senior artists. There are also young and middle-aged artists such as Guo Donglin, Sun Nan, Joey Yung (Hong Kong, China), Sha Yi, Du Jiang, Wang Zhengliang, Legend of Phoenix, Liao Changyong, Huo Yong, Ulan Tuya, and young actors such as Yi Yan Qianxi and Wang Yibo. The stage of the Lantern Festival performed wonderfully, lighting up the night sky.

CCTV's "2021 Lantern Festival Gala" courtesy of CCTV 

  This year's Lantern Festival Gala will invite a number of respected artists of the older generation to perform on stage, and many popular artists from the audience will perform on stage.

The old, middle-aged and young artists will sing the song "Go to the People" together to express the confidence and determination of the majority of literary and art workers to "go deep into life and take root in the people".

The stage performance of the opera "Fragrant Pear Garden" continues the three-story theater design of the Spring Festival Gala. Artists from all genres of Peking Opera perform on the same stage, selecting classic excerpts and martial arts performances to show their unique skills and masterpieces.

  The Lantern Festival Gala also innovatively invited hundreds of hosts from China Central Radio and Television to gather.

They come from various channels, frequencies and new media platforms. They will use the familiar "Unforgettable Tonight" to wish the audience a happy Lantern Festival. They will use their songs and smiles to highlight the festive atmosphere of the Lantern Festival and showcase the image of the world-class new mainstream media. Demeanor.

CCTV's "2021 Lantern Festival Gala" courtesy of CCTV 

  Traditional art forms such as eating Lantern Festival and guessing lantern riddles will add a strong flavor to the party.

The host of China Central Radio and Television and the crosstalk actors will be divided into two groups. The activities will be interactively fighting for the Lantern Festival, New Year greetings, Spring Festival couplets, lantern riddles and other links will be full of fun, enhancing the gala of the whole program.

  Language programs will also be the highlight of this year's CCTV Lantern Festival. The cross talk sketches closely follow the holiday theme and continue the cast of the Spring Festival Gala. From the perspectives of family, friendship, love, etc., they sing the good life of the people with true feelings and bring laughter and warmth to the audience. The sketch "Rehearsal" is set against a wedding, full of burdens and constant laughter. "Sit on the treasure", "Listen to You", and "Poetry" will bring laughter to the audience in a refreshing way, and add to the theme of the party through excellent works that are close to life and close to the masses. (Finish)