The main station 2021 Lantern Festival Gala program announced the wonderful performance to light up the Lantern Festival

  Celebrate the festive season with joy, singing and laughing to make the Lantern Festival.

The "2021 Lantern Festival Gala" from China Central Radio and Television will arrive at 20:00 today as scheduled.

All programs were officially announced, and the program list was released.

  This year’s Lantern Festival Gala will take the theme of "Songs, dances, sketches, cross talk, acrobatics, magic, martial arts, opera, musicals and other exciting programs to convey the family reunion of the Chinese people and their happy homeland." feelings.

  CCTV-1 integrated channel, CCTV-3 variety show channel, CCTV-4 Chinese international channel, CCTV art, CCTV, CCTV audio and video clients broadcast simultaneously.

Stay tuned.

  (Source: CCTV Literature and Art)