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February 26, 2021

Prince Harry tours Los Angeles by bus with James Corden

Now that Prince Harry lives in Los Angeles, he must know his city!

To help him, his British compatriot James Corden took him for a tour in the tourist bus, for his program

The Late Late Show


The Duke of Sussex was able to admire the houses of David Schwimmer (Ross in


), Bruce Willis, or the villa used in

The Prince of Bel-Air

, which they visited, much to the surprise of the current owner.

If Meghan Markle wasn't there, they called her on FaceTime and Prince Harry was then able to explain when he found out he wanted to marry her.

"On the second date"!

The reason ?

Due to his notoriety, Prince Harry did not take Meghan Markle to dinner or to a party, but they directly spent time together "without outside distraction".

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George Clooney not allowed to cut his daughter's hair

George Clooney is absolutely prohibited from going near his daughter's hair with a pair of scissors.

The reason ?

Amal Clooney!

“I cut my son's hair, and mine.

I've always cut my hair.

They are like straw.

But I can't touch my daughter's, I'll be in trouble.

If I miss my son's hair, it will grow back.

But my wife would kill me if I touched my daughter's hair, ”he told





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