The British press is "toxic" and has made him mentally ill - this statement is one of the few serious moments in the big bus interview that Prince Harry now, before the much heralded Oprah Winfrey conversation, the comedian James Cordan ( yes, the one with "Car Pool Caraoke").

He drove with him in a typical tourist tour bus through LA, then even ran a kind of military boot camp course with the prince, with whom he is also said to be private friends.

An interview, as surprising as it is private, Harry is open, entertaining, reveals small everyday details about his life.

The 17-minute contribution was recorded before the final break with the royal family was announced, it was shown on "The Late Late Show" by Cordan and was published on YouTube on Friday.

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Is it paradoxical to complain about the media - and then at the same time to show and stage yourself in such detail in a show?

It is at least the attempt to draw one's own image in public, to dictate the interpretation oneself.

And that would be: The prince is funny, spontaneous, self-deprecating (“We royals don't have any cash with us!”), They want to appear “completely normal” and “nice”.

Of course, questions and editing will have been coordinated in advance and after the recording, but Harry seems to feel comfortable with his buddy and wants to open up to a certain extent in this self-determined setting.

At the same time, the performance shows how important it seems to Harry and Meghan not to appear as the nasty egoists who leave the family and England in the lurch.


And Harry is happy to provide a few insights and answers to questions that people who are interested in the Royals would certainly have asked in such a private circle.

The most exciting answers:

"I've never been in an open double-decker bus"

Sure, when - he's never been "allowed" to do so, reports Harry while driving through LA with Cordan, for the first time in his life on and on a bus like this.

He would have loved to do some sightseeing in London - but how?

Ok, he got to know the most important attraction, Buckingham Palace, quite well.

By the way, he hardly knows LA either - "It was lockdown!"

"On the second date I knew it was something special"

As a prince, you can't date normally - “with members of my family you start the other way around,” he reports.

Instead of going to the cinema or restaurant first, you have to meet right at home.

And watch TV and talk.

"So Meghan and I spent a lot of time together, without distractions, it went from zero to sixty in the first month."

“Our evenings are so normal!

And 'The Crown' is not that bad "


His life currently in LA?

He would feed Archie in the evening, put him to bed, make or order food, turn on the TV and watch Netflix.

Speaking of which!

Is he watching "The Crown"?

Apparently - because he says: “You don't pretend to be a news program.

This is fiction.

But it is loosely based on the truth and gives a rough idea of ​​what this lifestyle is like, the pressure it is to put duty above family and everything else that can arise from it. "He even says," Me feel much more comfortable with 'The Crown' than with the stories that have been written about my family, my wife or myself. "

"My grandmother gave Archie a waffle iron for Christmas"

Yes, like every other grandmother, Queen Elizabeth asks what the little one wants.

And Archie, whose first word, by the way, was "Crocodile," as Harry relates, just wanted waffles.

So the Queen sent a waffle iron to LA.

"Meg is now making an organic batter for breakfast,


it in the


and we all eat waffles for breakfast!

I'll put some yogurt, syrup, berries or honey on it. "

"My grandparents can zoom"

They would have done this a couple of times so that Elisabeth and Philipp could see little Archie - but his grandfather would always end the calls quite abruptly: “He doesn't click, he always slams the laptop lid immediately when we say 'Bye' want."

"It was more of a step aside than a step back"


Harry defended the couple's move to Meghan's native USA.

They didn't run away, he said.

His life will always revolve around the service to the general public, and Meghan has also chosen it.

A declaration that sounds similar to the officially published one - and the reason for this step aside was primarily the British press: "As a husband and father, I have to protect my family."

"I watch 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air - and even rap the title track'"

And so the two of them just ring the doorbell (at least that's how it should appear) for the residents of the villa from this series.

Practically, Harry just has to go to the toilet anyway, he can do that there (

"I'm dying for a pee"

) - and doesn't let that cut out either.

Down to earth!

"Meghan is stored under M"

In his iPhone with a transparent protective cover - and that's how Cordan also reaches the Duchess directly, who just happens to be perfectly, but naturally styled, playing along with the jokes around the house.

And here you learn something else:

"She calls me Haz"

And actually don't want to move anymore: "We've had enough moves behind us!"

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