Before his death in June 2020, theater maker and wheelchair athlete Marc de Hond wrote a fairy tale for Efteling.

The amusement park in Kaatsheuvel, together with two publishers, will release

De redders van Ruigrijk

, as the story is called, in different versions this spring.

A picture book, a reading version and a tactile picture book will be published, especially for children with a visual, auditory or communication disability.

In this version, the illustrations are tangible and the text is displayed in block letters as well as in Braille.

The rescuers of Ruigrijk

tells about Rutger, a boy who wants to become the strongest and toughest knight in the country.

But because Rutger is in a wheelchair, this seems like a dream that is difficult to achieve.

Yet, when a dragon threatens the residents of Ruigrijk, he decides to go out with his blind girl next door Ella.

Efteling produces the books in close cooperation with the PrentenboekenPlus Foundation and the publisher Unieboek Het Spectrum.

Remona de Hond, Marc's widow, calls the release of

De Ridders van Ruigrijk

"the pinnacle of the collaboration with the Efteling".

"Just before his death, he made it clear that this was one of his last wishes. I am very proud and grateful that Efteling is immortalizing its name in this way."

De Hond has already advised the park about accessibility

De Hond has been helping Efteling for a few years as an advisor to make the park more accessible to everyone.

This has led, for example, to the Nest! Playground, which will open in Efteling this summer and owes its accessible character to his advice.

De Hond died in early June at the age of 42 from cancer.

He initially made a name for himself as an internet entrepreneur and DJ.

Due to an operation on a tumor in his spinal cord, De Hond ended up in a wheelchair in 2002.

After this he made a career as a wheelchair athlete, writer and theater maker.