[Explanation] On February 26, the theme cafe of Qing culture elements in the Imperial Palace in Shenyang-"Zhuang Coffee" officially opened to the public.

This is the first coffee shop in Shenyang Imperial Palace.

In the future, visitors to the Shenyang Forbidden City can not only enjoy the scenic spots and cultural relics, but also experience the original coffee taste that blends Chinese and Western cultures.

  [Explanation] The newly opened Zhuang Coffee Café in Shenyang Forbidden City, from the design of drinks to the decoration of the cafe, reflects the elements of Shenyang Forbidden City.

In particular, the name of the cafe, Zhuang Fei, is taken from the legendary figure in the history of the Qing Dynasty-Zhuang Fei, the Empress Xiao Zhuang Wen. She was "the filial piety of the two dynasties and the respected relatives of the three generations" and was a famous sage in history. Outstanding female politician in the later and early Qing Dynasty.

  [Concurrent] Su Yang, Deputy Director of the Shenyang Palace Museum

  She (Zhuang Fei) assisted Huang Taiji, Shunzhi, Kangxi, especially the two young masters of Shunzhi and Kangxi emperors to govern the country, so she is also the most famous and well-known woman in the Shenyang Imperial Palace.

  [Explanation] According to reports, in recent years, the concept of "big cultural and creative" has been deeply rooted in the cultural and creative work of the Imperial Palace in Shenyang. Cultural authorization and multi-format cross-border cooperation are flourishing, and tourists are continuously optimizing shopping for cultural and creative products. While experiencing, expand the audience of cultural and creative products, and strive to practice the service concept of "bringing museum culture home". This choice of integration with coffee, a western beverage, is to attract more young people to understand The culture of Shenyang Imperial Palace.

  [Concurrent] Su Yang, Deputy Director of the Shenyang Palace Museum

  In fact, the audience of cultural and creative products, we hope this, we ordinary people, can like and love it.

Especially young people, his understanding of culture and a concept of culture, I think it is the most appropriate and appropriate to use cultural and creative products.

As for coffee, we also adopted this method of combining Chinese and Western. You see what I just mentioned, using some of the Yongfu cultural elements of the Shenyang Forbidden City, it also combines the Western culture of coffee, and it is also a cultural collision. An embodiment of creativity.

  [Explanation] If you say one thousand things and ten thousand, no matter how rich the culture of a cafe is, the taste is the main concern of many people.

As the first batch of customers after the opening, many news media reporters were the first to feel the unique taste of the combination of Chinese and Western.

  [Concurrent] Experience reporter Zhang Chong

  I think this coffee is indeed better than the instant coffee I always drink.

Then it is also more distinctive, especially the moment it is poured, the coffee mixed with the blue syrup underneath, and it becomes a green look, which is very magical.

  [Explanation] It is understood that the opening of the cafe is only the beginning of the cultural innovation phase of the Shenyang Palace Museum. In the future, the Shenyang Palace Museum will dig deeper into more cultural and creative experiences.

  (Reported by reporter Yu Ruizhai in Shenyang)

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]