, Beijing, February 26 (Reporter Du Yan) Beijing’s primary and secondary schools and kindergartens will open normally on March 1, 2021 (Monday) as originally planned. All colleges and universities will also follow the original opening plan of each school. The principle of "in batches and in phases, and at the wrong time and peak" organizes students to return to school in a safe and orderly manner.

This was introduced by the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission today.

  Colleges and universities in Beijing organize students to return to school safely and orderly in accordance with established arrangements

  ——Back to school time.

In accordance with the "Guiding Opinions on Optimizing the Work of Returning Students in the Spring Semester of Beijing Universities" before the holiday, colleges and universities start school according to the established time of each school, and organize students to return to school in a safe and orderly manner in accordance with the principle of "schedules in batches and peaks".

Starting on February 19, full school will start in March. Schools generally start teaching (including online) according to the established school calendar arrangement and teaching schedule, and carefully formulate the school start work plan to ensure safe school start.

  ——Implement health monitoring and nucleic acid testing requirements.

According to Beijing’s unified deployment and implementation of health monitoring and nucleic acid testing requirements, schools are required to make overall plans and try their best to arrange for students to conduct nucleic acid testing in a unified manner at school to reduce the flow of personnel and gathering.

  ——Fully consider the needs of students, and do not implement a “one size fits all” policy.

Students who have special needs to return to school due to scientific research experiments, graduation thesis, employment internships, and various examinations are allowed to return to school upon application.

 Primary and secondary schools and kindergartens start as planned

  -Primary and secondary schools, kindergartens.

Primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in Beijing officially opened on March 1 (Monday), and off-campus educational institutions such as the Children's Palace and Youth Activity Center opened on March 3 (Wednesday).

  -Secondary vocational schools and higher vocational colleges.

Secondary vocational schools are implemented in accordance with the opening hours of primary and secondary schools, and higher vocational colleges are implemented in accordance with the opening requirements of colleges and universities.

  -Off-campus training institutions for disciplines.

After the opening of the primary and secondary schools, according to the unified arrangement of each district, subject-based off-campus training institutions can apply to the district Board of Education to resume offline training, which will resume in an orderly manner after approval.

  All districts must implement the requirements of prevention and control work to ensure that the environment is in place, the catering management is in place, and the epidemic prevention materials are in place.

It is necessary to do a good job of statistics on the attendance of teachers, students and employees, and strengthen personnel health management.

Classroom teaching must be carried out in strict accordance with curriculum standards and teaching plans to maintain normal education and teaching order.

It is necessary to improve the emergency plan and carry out emergency response drills to ensure the safety and stability of the campus.

 Important exam arrangements to ensure safety, stability and order

  According to work arrangements, in March, Beijing has special types of admissions examinations, postgraduate admissions re-examinations, teacher qualification examinations, and English listening and speaking examinations for high school and college entrance examinations.

We particularly emphasize that all kinds of examinations must be combined with school reality, and scientifically formulate examination epidemic prevention and control work plans and emergency plans to ensure that the examinations are safe, stable and orderly.

  According to the unified deployment of the Ministry of Education, a written examination of the qualifications of primary and secondary school teachers will be held on March 13.

This is the largest exam in March with the most social candidates.

The Beijing Municipal Education Commission will organize it as scheduled and make arrangements for nucleic acid testing and elimination of all employees in accordance with the mature experience formed last year.

At present, preparations have been made for examination work, and each test center and school has conscientiously implemented every aspect of examination work and epidemic prevention and control to ensure the safe and smooth progress of the examination.

  The person in charge emphasized that the Beijing education system will not slack in its efforts to normalize epidemic prevention and control, adhere to the "three preventions", "four early" and "nine strict" work principles, and strictly implement stricter and stricter precision prevention and control than the society. Measures to grasp the key points of prevention and control work in different school stages, and grasp the campus prevention and control.