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Victoria Abril

has been very critical of current measures against the



- which she has described as a


- and, especially, against


, ensuring that human beings are being used "like guinea pigs ".

"They are no longer conspiratorial theses, we have had a covid and epidemic for a year and we know who the dead are. Before they were getting scared to say that the only solution is the


, but the vaccine takes two months and they are directly testing human beings such as guinea pigs ", stated

Victoria Abril

in statements collected by Europa Press during the awarding of the Feroz Award of Honor 2021, which she attended

without a mask


Quickly, the president of these film awards, María Guerra, has shown her

rejection of these claims

on social media


On Twitter he wanted to "make it clear" that the organization does not share "at all" the opinion of the actress, a message that has been shared by the official Feroz account.




developed by Oxford / AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Moderna have proven their effectiveness in independent scientific tests.

Last January the official figure of two million deaths caused by the pandemic worldwide was exceeded.

Victoria Abril has acknowledged that she is aware that,

if with these statements "you have to pass for a conspiracy, you pass"

, but considers the year of restrictions that has been lived worse.

"At the moment we have more deaths with a vaccine than without a vaccine. One thing is what television says and another to get into scientific forums, where impressive things are learned," he assured.

Victoria Abril

has appeared at the event without a mask

and has been upset when in question time the attendees were reminded that they had to wear them - "but if there is a safety distance," she protested.

"If I had to choose a title for this, it would be 'Coronacirco' and it would be for a series that has a chapter every three months. I would like to propose it to Los Javis, a series of the world before and after: a gagged world, like the one now , and the free world we knew. How hard it is to be 20 years old now! ", he lamented.

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