That this Government has beaten all the opacity marks is well expressed by the percentage of requests from the Transparency Council that it has ignored: almost half of those that reach it.

Pedro Sánchez appeared in Congress yesterday to give an account of the evolution of the pandemic as if he were agreeing to a waste of magnanimity with the Spaniards represented there.

This insufferable and unwarranted sufficiency is allowed by the iniquitous state of alarm that Parliament boycotted itself.

No comp

It had been since mid-December, and more than 20,000 Spaniards have died in the meantime.


Sánchez, as usual in him, avoided self-criticism and dispensed with detailing a plan to reactivate a vaccination process

trapped today.

The president quickly turned to the advertisement that interested him to make the headlines: a theoretical 11,000 million euros destined for SMEs and the self-employed, especially in the hospitality sector, destroyed by the pandemic.

The problem with that ad is that it offers all the traces of staying in propaganda.

A headline that allows him to weather for a time the growing malaise among the self-employed and small businessmen, who are the great victims of this crisis despite making up the overwhelming majority of the national productive fabric.

The self-employed have just had their quota raised by a government that refuses to cut political spending.

In fact, it has increased it like no other to satisfy the clientelistic networks that lend ideological support to Sanchismo.


Those 11,000 million are not the direct aid demanded by a desperate sector

and that other European countries have been able to articulate -in cases such as Germany, reimbursing the hoteliers 75% of the turnover lost due to the closure-, since Nadia Calviño does not even know how she is going to articulate them in the face of resistance from the banking sector, which warns of the collateral contraction of viable credit.

Smells like another smoke bomb

which only adds to the confusion.

Regarding the vaccination plan, it is fair to recognize that the lack of doses that has stopped the rate of inoculation in our country is due to poor negotiation between the EU and pharmaceutical companies.

What corresponds to the Government is to take responsibility for guarding those that arrive and redistributing them with equity.


There are disappearances of lots that neither Fernando Simón nor Salvador Illa's successor want to take over.

In the case of AstraZeneca, 3,000 doses disappeared that Health claims to have passed to Defense.

In addition, there are 25,400 of Moderna doses unaccounted for: there is a gap between what was announced and what appears in the final reports.

An explanation of this scandalous cheating is urgently needed.

Meanwhile, Sánchez delays the threshold of the promised immunity until the end of summer.

Some experts already warn of a fourth wave that will ruin the Easter tourist campaign.

But for the

triumphalist tone

and self-satisfied with the one who appeared yesterday, Sánchez's interest remains far from the management of the pandemic.

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