Chinanews client, Beijing, February 26 (Reporter Yuan Xiuyue) 7.822 billion gross box office, 160 million total movie viewers... Judging from the numbers, the Chinese film Spring Festival in 2021 has a beautiful report card.

  But behind the "most cattle Spring Festival stalls", there are two happy and five worries.

"Detective Chinatown 3" and "Hello, Li Huanying" contributed 80% of the box office, but several other movie studios have "seeking a lineup."

  The "Matthew effect" is obvious in the large-scale period, and the audience has no movies to watch in the small-scale period. How to solve the problem of movie schedule selection?

Lighthouse Research Institute Spring Festival File Report

Two films occupy 70 rows of films

"Crowd Crowd" "Post-Spring Festival File" Makes Power

  The seven films in the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox have shown different trends since the pre-sale.

"Detective Chinatown 3" is far ahead, "Hello, Li Huanying" and "Assassination of Novelists" ranked second and third, followed by "Samurai God Order", "Bear Infested Wild Continent" and "New God List: Nezha" "Rebirth", "The Crowd" came last.

  According to data from the Beacon Professional Edition, on the first day of the Spring Festival, "Detective Chinatown 3" and "Hello, Li Huanying" accounted for more than 50% of the lineup, and "Detective Chinatown 3" hit the box office.

On the fourth day, "Hello Li Huanying" relied on word of mouth to counterattack and surpassed "Detective Chinatown 3" in a single day.

With the popularity of "Hello, Li Huanying", the film arrangement on the 5th day formed a trend of overtaking, reaching 39.1%, and the film arrangement for 5 consecutive days accounted for more than 40%.

Lighthouse Pro data

  On the other hand, because "Detective Chinatown 3" still has a certain market, its film schedule has not shrunk significantly.

The resulting situation is that the total proportion of the two films' schedule is increased, and the space of other films is further "squeezed".

The two films together accounted for 71.8% of the day, and the other five movies shared about 30% of the total.

Lighthouse Pro data

  Among the five films, "Assassination of Novelists" had the highest box office on the first day, accounting for 13% of the films, followed by "Samurai God Order" and "Bear Infestation".

"Crowded" has the lowest box office, and its share of the second day's lineup dropped to 3.9%.

As a result, on February 13, Rao Xiaozhi, director of "Raging Crowds", asked for a film on Weibo.

He stated in the article that although using the word "begging" would be said to be selling miserables and begging for glory, but honestly facing the current situation, "begging" is one of the few choices he can make even if it is not so decent.

Weibo screenshot

  However, after Rao Xiaozhi's voice, the series of "Raging Crowds" did not rise, and did not rise slowly until the fifth day.

It is worth noting that in the "post-Spring Festival" after the Spring Festival holiday, "The Crowd" gradually exerted its strength. On the 13th day of its release, the proportion of films in the row reached 11.8%, surpassing "Assassination of the Novelist" in its single-day box office. Also became the third place among the seven films in the Spring Festival file.

Lighthouse Pro data

Popular schedules may not be good schedules

  The case of "Rushing Crowds" seems to remind us of the importance of choosing the right schedule. Popular schedules may not be good schedules.

  In 2018, the film "The Unknown" directed by Rao Xiaozhi was released in the unpopular schedule on November 16th, and it became under the influence of two foreign blockbusters "Venom: Deadly Guardian" and "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald". A dark horse, finally made nearly 800 million box office.

  Comparing the data of "The Unknown" and "The Crowd", in fact, 8 days before the release, the difference in the box office of the two in a single day was not much, but the former accounted for more films than the latter, because the film competition was not at that time Fierce, the first day of "The Unknown" is more than 10%, and the highest is 28.7%.

Therefore, in the 7 days before the release, the average number of people per game for "Raging Crowd" was also higher than that of "The Unknown".

This is the biggest advantage of the Spring Festival stalls, and the flow of people is much higher than during the unpopular stalls.

Lighthouse Pro data

  On the 9th and 10th days of the release, the box office of the two films ushered in an explosive peak respectively. "The Unknown" exceeded 70 million, while "The Crowd" was only 35.468 million. At this time, the latter's lineup was less than 10 %.

  Dark horse movies want to counterattack, in addition to the quality of the film, the most important thing is to arrange the film, otherwise there is no room for explosion.

In recent days, with the counterattack of "Surge in Crowd", its box office has maintained steady growth. According to the forecast of Maoyan Professional Edition, its total box office may reach 570 million yuan.

  In contrast, "Samurai God Order" and "New God List: Nezha Rebirth" did not have such good luck.

"Order of the Samurai" has Zhou Xun, Chen Kun, and the big IP of Onmyoji, but the current box office is only 248 million.

"New God List: Nezha Rebirth" has a box office of over 300 million, but according to director Zhao Ji, it is far from enough.

"New God List: Nezha Rebirth" poster

  The Spring Festival stalls have a "scale effect", but there is also a "Matthew effect". There are not many scenes of heroes competing for hegemony. It is more common that the strong and the weak are stronger.

When setting the film, the film party should study the audience's preferences and observe the market rules more than the superstitious period.

March and April, the movie market is more deserted

  "The best Spring Festival stalls" have brought unprecedented vitality to the domestic film market. According to media reports, some theaters even managed to get out of the loss dilemma of the past year only by relying on the box office of the Spring Festival stalls in the previous 7 days.

  However, for the Chinese film industry, there may be a "cold wave" after the Spring Festival.

After the Spring Festival holiday, only 7 new movies were released in February, and the more appealing one was "Cat and Mouse". At present, its first-day pre-sale box office has exceeded 5 million.

"Cat and Mouse" poster

  Even more deserted will be the next March and April.

This schedule is usually the off-season of the domestic film market. The Spring Festival has just ended, and the audience's desire to watch movies is not so strong.

As for heavyweight movies, they may be more inclined to be shown in lively summer files.

  Compared with previous years, there are fewer films in March and April this year.

Currently, there are 18 films scheduled in March and 14 in April.

In the same period of 2019, there were more than 40 films scheduled for these two months.

  Why has the number of videos halved?

There are reasons for the epidemic, and many domestic films are more cautious about their schedules.

Due to the difficulty of the recovery of the Hollywood film industry due to the epidemic, many blockbuster films have been postponed and the number of imported films has decreased.

Prior to this, many foreign blockbusters such as "Avengers 4", "Raging Behemoth", "Captain Marvel", and "Green Book" have achieved good box office results in the off-season in March and April.

Movie poster

  In the film, "The Eleventh" directed by Chen Jianbin, starring Zhou Xun and Dapeng, and the animated film "Legend of the Dragon" created by the "Frozen" team, produced by Jia Zhangke and Naomi Kawase, have been released in the past two months. "Meet Nara Again", "My Sister" starring Zhang Zifeng and Xiao Yang, "All Come" starring Liao Fan, Tong Liya, and Qiao Shan, "Beijing Love Illustrated Book" starring Chen Bolin, Guo Caijie and Xia Hou Yunshan, "August Is Young" starring Zhong Chuxi and Tan Songyun, and "Antique Bureau Middle Game" starring Lei Jiayin and Li Xian.

  There are types of love, animation, adventure, and suspense, but to boost the film market, more film producers need to abandon the "schedule superstition", carefully verify and set the files boldly.