China News Service, Nanjing, February 25 (Wang Yuanyuan, Xu Shanshan) The Nantong Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu Province announced on the 25th that the Public Security Bureau of Tongzhou District, Nantong City recently received a special call. A man read his suicide note when he called the police. The officer and the commander "maintained the conversation" for 36 consecutive minutes, constantly soothing and stabilizing the man's emotions. With the cooperation of multiple parties, the man who committed suicide was eventually rescued.

  "I want to jump off the building, I don't want to live anymore." "I wrote a suicide note, please tell my parents..." On the 23rd, the 110 police service desk of the Tongzhou District Public Security Bureau received a call from a man saying that he wanted to commit suicide by jumping off the building. .

The man was emotionally unstable, crying while saying that he had written a suicide note, hoping that the police would tell his parents the content of the letter.

  Police officer Cao Li at the 110 service desk responded quickly after receiving the call, patiently persuading the caller, and stabilizing his emotions: "Is there anything you can't think of, tell me, we can help you." "Where are you now?" Your family will be sad, and you still have great youth..."

The realistic version of "hold the call" rescues the man who committed suicide.

Photo courtesy of the police

  At the same time, the policeman immediately reported to the on-duty commander, instructed the police station in the jurisdiction to deal with the police, and contacted the district emergency rescue (fire) and 120 linkage units to carry out rescue work.

  The police officer gave him patient advice, but the man’s emotions could not be calmed down for a while. Upon seeing this, Chen Zuoquan, the chief of the Command and Dispatching Section, immediately approached the phone and answered the phone. He knew about him and moved with reason: "The police from our police station have arrived , They will help you coordinate and solve the problem. Don’t think about it!” “My son is about the same age as you. It’s the most difficult thing to be a parent.”

  The continuous efforts of the 110 police service desk have bought precious time for the frontline officers to rescue.

At the same time, the police from the Chengnan Police Station had arrived at the scene, contacted the factory, and after searching from various parties, the policeman was found on the top of the northwest corner of the company's main factory building.

Police officer Wu Haibo at the scene stabilized his mood by shouting, while climbing to the top floor and approaching from behind him to control him.

After joint efforts, the police persuaded the man who committed suicide.

After coordination and resolution, the man finally gave up the idea of ​​committing suicide.