Director Rob Bralver is working on a "surrealist biographical documentary" about artist Moby,




Moby, who started his musical career as a punk rocker and became a pioneer in electronic music, is himself the narrator of the documentary.

Among other things, he looks back on his turbulent personal life.

For example, the artist lost his father at a young age and was addicted to drugs.

It also includes interviews with icons from the music and film world, including David Lynch and David Bowie, and images from old concerts are shown.

55-year-old Moby, who is actually called Richard Melville Hall, started his career in a hardcore band but scored his first big hit with the electronic


Other well-known songs are

Feeling so real


Why does my heart feel so bad?

Moby and Bralver previously worked together on several projects.

"Rob and I had two goals with this documentary," the artist said in a response.

"The first was to create something unique and the second to make an honest and vulnerable film."

Moby Doc will be

released in various cinemas and on digital platforms on May 28.