When the fourteenth season “Let's Dance” begins on Friday evening, sworn fans will again identify some innovations that will move them to verbose outbursts in comment columns for a few days.

And less attentive viewers to the question: What else was there different?

Yes, the only constant is the change, the poetry albums of our primary school days and apparently also RTL knew that, where changes to the concept for the flagship format for the cultivated C-celebrity dance tea were announced.

The “Let's Dance” format, which is produced in the cozy dance metropolis of Cologne-Ossendorf, has been subject to fluctuations in terms of staff since its start in April 2006, against which the coaching chair at Schalke 04 acts like a lifelong office.

Or do you still remember that Hape Kerkeling originally hosted the Cha-Cha-Cha Festival for dental assistants and package tourists?

At the side of Nazan Eckes, by the way.

Joachim Llambi remains the show's fossil

The interplay of the protagonists becomes even more apparent when you look at the jury's cast.

Although an ideal cast has slowly emerged here since 2013 with Motsi Mabuse and Jorge González, such illustrious jurors as Katarina Witt, Ute Lemper, Harald Glööckler or Peter Kraus had already been worn out for the pirouette evaluation team.

The only constant for 14 years: Joachim Llambi.

But he's about twice as old as his co-pilots in the jury cockpit.

Co-moderators and professional dancers are also busy exchanging ideas.


After RTL all-purpose weapon Daniel Hartwig was able to establish itself as the successor to Hape Kerkeling in the long term, co-presenter Sylvie Meis was not replaced by Victoria Swarovski until 2018.

Hartwich now moderates more formats at RTL than Franz-Josef Wagner writes columns, while Swarovski, on the other hand, had previously played her way into the notebooks of the boulevard as a pop singer and heir to a jewelry empire.

In 2016, however, she won the ninth season of “Let's Dance” alongside professional dancer Erich Klann - at the time still a candidate - and first took home the coveted “Dance Star” trophy and a little later also Sylvie Meis's job .

Victoria Swarovski and Daniel Hartwich remain the presenters

Source: Getty Images / DeFodi Images

Keyword Erich Klann.

Even the professional dancer, who has been continuously active since season four, will not be part of the ensemble this year.

Whether that is because he had to take part in the “Let's Dance” spin-off “Llambis Tanzduell” last year is debatable.

In a bloodletting orgy that is second to none, "Let's Dance" has already lost a few professional dancers here alongside the only official German Johnny Depp double Klann, who will be missing simply because he always brought a refreshing pinch of self-irony into the seasons, who are now mostly better known than their prominent dance partners.

Erich Klann, here with Ilka Bessin, is out

Source: Getty Images / DeFodi Images

Klann's wife Oana Nechiti, for example, who was initially transferred to “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” within the broadcaster, but was then exchanged for Michael Wendler of all things by federal casting coach Dieter Bohlen.

A decision that was crowned with success in the long term like Jens Spahn's vaccination concept.


The biggest loss so far, however, is Ekaterina Leonova.

The eKat, which is extremely popular with the audience, has been an integral part of the professional crew since 2013, achieved the triple from seasons ten to twelve and won three times in a row - including with dance partners like Ingolf Lück or Pascal Hens, who are commonly not known as dance monsters or “Let's Dance “Favorites.

After eKat as a record winner and permanent trophy collector was deleted from the ensemble last season for reasons that have not yet been fully clarified, and she will not return this year either, it must now be assumed that her "Let's Dance" career as a whole seems ended.

A young, pretty woman who is suddenly sorted out after great, unexpected successes without comment - in politics one would speak of "tastes" here.

Fortunately for RTL, it's only about a few weeks of dance entertainment and not about the Chancellery.

Although Ekaterina Leonova might have better chances than Olaf Scholz, for example, but that's a different story.

For Massimo Sinató, the family comes first

Even Massimo Sinató, who was able to dance the win with Lili Roncalli after Leonova's disembarkation last year, will be absent for the first time this year.

He officially takes paternity leave to watch his wife Rebecca Mir look after their first child.

After a difficult year for retailers due to various lockdowns, a secure main source of income for the fashion industry is now also breaking away.

Sinató was known to tear around 50,000 white shirts during a season due to a chronic shirt allergy.


Shirt testimonial Sinató is now one of the methusalems in the “Let's Dance” cosmos.

It is therefore questionable whether he will return in 2022.

Keyword Methuselah: Professional Christian Polanc is entering his 13th season, who alongside Klann with his phenotypical closeness to Tom Cruise has always been able to conjure up a touch of Hollywood on the Ossendorf dance floor.

Polanc has been there even longer than Hartwich, making him the longest-serving member of the dance floor after veteran Joachim Llambi.

I'm really excited to see which celebrity lady he'll be able to train into desperation this year after he quickened the finish line in 2020 with Laura Müller, who was still halfway socially acceptable at the time and his Stefan Raab smile.

Obama's half-sister is there

In addition to these changes, a “Let's Dance” season stands and falls, especially with the field of prominent dance novices.

This year it was rumored for a long time that the ensemble of the 14th season would have a record-breaking A-celebrity density, because due to the corona situation, many celebrities who had previously regularly refused to participate could have brought themselves to participate.

The question of how often, for example, Auma Obama, Barack Obama's half-sister, has been asked in the past few years, leaves dance-sharing broadcaster RTL as open as whether her motto will be "Yes We Dance".

The candidates: Vanessa Neigert, Rùrik Gislason, Kim Riekenberg, Valentina Pahde, Kai Ebel, Auma Obama and Mickie Krause (vlonru)

Source: TVNOW / Photo: TVNOW

Finally on Friday at 8:15 p.m. Ilse DeLange, Kai Ebel, Senna Gammour, Rúrik Gíslason, Jan Hofer, Mickie Krause, Vanessa Neigert, Auma Obama, Valentina Pahde, Nicolas Puschmann, Kim Riekenberg, Erol Sander, Lola Weippert and Simon Zachenhuber fourteen so-called celebrities in the fight for the German dance throne, where the average RTL viewer is probably more like “Huh?

Who is that? "Exclaims as" My goodness, how did they get this superstar? "

Also present: Nicolas Puschmann, Ilse DeLange, Jan Hofer, Erol Sander, Senna Gammour, Simon Zachenhuber and Lola Weippert (vlonru)

Source: TVNOw / Photo: TVNOW

It's a bit like rejecting an Audi because you would soon finally get the long-awaited Porsche, and then driving around in a bobby car for the rest of your days.

Actual star potential in the dance class of 2021 is above all Kai Ebel, who could continue the discussion-worthy handling of shirts in the absence of Massimo Sinató, my "Weisser Ring" ambassador colleague Lola Weippert and of course Jan Hofer, who after what felt like 400 years as a Tagesschau -Speaker obviously has the goal of ruining his reputation as a serious anchorman as a dance clown between Ballermann bard and hairdresser expert Mickie Krause and Monrose remnant Senna Gammour in record time.

Gammour now insults other people full-time (“You ugly toad!” To Angelina Heger's address) and has become “filthy rich” in her new passion as a “lovesick healer” with a hodgepodge of movie quotes from love tongues (original sound).

Whether that will be enough for victory and how often RTL would like any of the 14 candidates to spontaneously open a Telegram group on the subject of "Corona Conspiracy" so that one can perfect the Photoshop skills rehearsed for Michael Wendler and at the same time set rating records, From now on I will watch this every Saturday morning on ICONIST.

Author and model Marie von den Benken comments on the 14th season "Let's Dance" for ICONIST

Source: Tristar Media / Getty Images

Marie von den Benken is on Twitter and Instagram as @Regendelfin, she is from Hamburg, model and author.

In addition, she writes every week on ICONIST about the big and small dramas in “Germany's Next Top Model” and “Let's Dance”.

On Friday, February 26th, the 14th season "Let's Dance" starts at 8:15 pm on RTL and can also be seen on TVNow.

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