Douban "Water Army" Industry Survey: A short review of 15 yuan, likes and votes can be bought

  Our reporter Xie Ruolin

  The start of the film market in 2021 is full of surprises and controversy.

According to data from the Beacon Professional Edition, on February 23, "Hello, Li Huanying" had a gross box office of 4.34 billion yuan, surpassing "Avengers 4" in the mainland box office, becoming the fourth box office in Chinese film history.

  The low score of "Detective Chinatown 3" was unexpected in the industry. On the first day of the Lunar New Year festival, "Detective Chinatown 3" ranked first with 37.5% of the filming ratio. The Spring Festival file arrangement is generally the result of a multi-party capital balance, and more than 30% are rare. At that time, everyone was really looking forward to "Detective Chinatown 3"." A data platform analyst told a reporter from the Securities Daily.

  Unexpectedly, the opening score on Douban on the first day of "Detective Chinatown 3" was only 6.8 points. As of press time, this number has dropped to 5.6 points.

  As the third part of the "Detective Tang" series, "Detective Chinatown 3" was originally planned to be released in the 2020 Spring Festival, but due to the epidemic, the release date of "Detective Chinatown 3" was postponed to the 2021 Spring Festival file. This shows the film's confidence .

In this context, why is the Douban score of "Detective Chinatown 3" so low?

The reporter visited industry insiders in the upper and lower reaches of the industrial chain and unexpectedly saw the powerful control of Douban's "Water Army".

 The scoring results are controversial

  Is Douban score distorted?

  For many years, Douban score has been an important reference for the reputation of a work, but its results are also full of controversy.

On September 22, 2017, Bi Zhifei's "Pure Soul Chasing a Dream in the Performing Arts Circle" was released. Douban scored 2.0 points (now 2.2 points, 96,300 participants), setting a low score record, and for a while became a "historical" on Douban. The worst movie".

  After being ridiculed by the entire network, Bi Zhifei and Douban have repeatedly negotiated to no avail, and formally sued Douban as the producer of the movie, claiming 1 yuan and ordering Douban to explain the situation publicly.

Bi Zhifei asked Douban Fang to respond to the reason that "the film's rating changed from 2.0 to 2.7, and it was soon displayed as no rating", but he never got an explanation.

It wasn't until the court that Douban responded that the operation was due to "Manual concealment of Douban received a complaint."

  On February 14, Tianyancha App disclosed the first-instance civil judgment on the tort liability dispute between Beijing Shichuanchuang Culture Media Co., Ltd. (Bi Zhifeifang) and Beijing Douwang Technology Co., Ltd. Network (douban). The judgment result showed that Douban won the case.

In an interview with a reporter from Securities Daily, Bi Zhifei said that many people have criticized "Pure Soul Chasing Dreams" and I accept them.

He said he would not appeal again.

  Like "Pure Soul Chasing Dreams", the rating of "Detective Chinatown 3" is also controversial.

"The current mainstream scoring platforms are Douban, Taopiao, and Maoyan. Although the latter two have scoring thresholds and require users to purchase tickets before they can evaluate, the public generally recognizes Douban scoring." A box office data platform analyst asked "Securities Daily" reporter said that Douban scores are perceptual and are the result of multiple effects. Sometimes it not only reflects the quality of a work, but also reflects the emotions of the audience.

  As of February 24, "Detective Chinatown 3" scored 5.6 points, 9.0 points, and 8.8 points on Douban, Taopiao, and Maoyan respectively. Among them, 74% of the users who bought the film on Taopiao Given a five-star (highest score) evaluation, 69.3% of users who bought the film on Maoyan gave a five-star evaluation, while only 4.3% of users on the Douban platform gave a five-star evaluation.

  It shows that there is a big gap between the user preferences of Douban and the ticketing platform. The above-mentioned analysts said, “It’s not that "Detective Chinatown 3" is filmed well. Each audience has different preferences, but this film is a rare industry expectation. Movies with polarized word-of-mouth. Usually, films with important schedules will be organized before they are released. The studio manager arranges the films according to their own recognition. The initial stage of "Detective Chinatown 3" can be explained to a certain extent. The judgment of the industry."

  Douban founder and CEO Abei also clarified the Douban scoring mechanism in "Eight Questions about Douban Movie Ratings": one person, one vote, for example, 420,000 users score, Douban program converts these 420,000 one to five stars into 0-10 points , And divide it by 420,000 to get the Douban score.

This rating will automatically appear everywhere on Douban, there is no review in the middle, and no editors usually stare at it.

Every few minutes, the program will automatically rerun to include the opinions of the latest scorer.

The only exception to "one person, one vote" is the account that Douban's program judges to be "abnormal scoring".

These scores will be excluded.


 "Navy" team quotation form shows

  15 yuan for a short comment on Douban

  Many film producers believe that the low Douban score means that there are "naval forces" intervening.

Abei once said that there are "Navy Army", but Douban scores are hard to move.

He once said: "In my personal impression, there are roughly four types of'abnormal scores': registered/acquired accounts for high scores, registered/acquired accounts for low scores, celebrity fans who "attack Douban", and hardcore users. Defending the fairness of Douban scores' anti-water action. It sounds scary. The impact on Douban scores is actually not that big. Small effects are still short-lived and individual. Because there are too many people who score normally, and because anti-scoring is already Part of the daily work of Douban Movies."

  However, the reporter contacted the Douban "Shuijun" team and its quotation form through a publicity channel familiar to the industry.

"We have been doing it for many years and we are well-known in the industry." Hailong (a pseudonym), the person in charge of the company, said that the drama that was very popular some time ago was our trader.

  Hailong told reporters that in general, the producers who receive orders are "scratching good reviews" for themselves, and there is no shortage of "scratching reviews" for competitors. "Douban scores are charged higher than other platforms, mainly because of Douban. The scoring mechanism is complex and complete. They (Douban) give different grade coefficients according to the user’s registration time, speech, rating, etc., as one of the influencing factors of the user’s evaluation of the work. And we control all real old accounts , There will be normal behaviors and actions,'looks like a real user'."

  According to the quotation form obtained by the reporter, the price of buying a Douban "want to see/want to listen" is 2 yuan, the price of a "package showing short reviews" is 15 yuan, and the price of a package showing long reviews (drama reviews) is 20 yuan , The price of a "like/useful" is 1 yuan, and the price of a "report" is 3 yuan. Voting, group posting, opening points, increasing points, and rating maintenance needs to be negotiated.

  "Large quantities can be cheaper. Each film is different. Technical scores can be made based on the arrival data." Hailong told reporters that generally film producers tend to prefer the "short review" package because the ranking of short reviews is based on the votes of Douban members. The result of the weighted average calculation, through the adjustment of the algorithm, better reflects the value of the short review content.

However, the high-weight short comment area will have systematic dynamic changes during the execution process due to the Douban system.

For example, delays in scoring, delays in changes in score ratios, and insufficient number of scoring personnel are all normal phenomena.

  A senior user of Douban told reporters that when looking at Douban scores, old Douban users will use data graphics to "dehydrate". "Douban scores will display 1 star to 5 stars and the evaluation ratio. This data is presented in a vertical graph. , You can judge whether there is moisture in a work according to the scoring rules of similar movies on Douban. For example, a movie with a Douban score of 7 points or more has a 5-star rating of 20%. If a certain work with the same rating has a 5-star rating of more than 35%, There is a high probability of moisture. If there are significantly more 1-star ratings and 5-star ratings than other options, there is a high probability of moisture."

 Douban's product positioning moves towards popularization

  The upgraded content is referred to as "microblogging"

  In many people's minds, Douban is a private place for literary and artistic youths. Everyone talks about hobbies, life, and art on a quiet platform this time.

But with the sinking and expansion of the user scale, Douban has already completed the "breaking circle".

  "Does the Douban score reflect the preferences of literary youth?" Abei once gave the answer in 2015, but it is no longer there.

"It may have been in the early years, because the proportion of people who came to score is higher. But now 100 million or so people will score on Douban every month. I don't think the power of literary youth has become so big. Basically. I can be sure that the Douban score now reflects the views of the public. It’s just that this “popular” is more concentrated in first- and second-tier cities, and is consistent with where Douban users gather."

  As of December 2020, Douban has announced 220 million registered users. Due to the conflict between new and old users in recent years, Douban's product positioning has continued to become popular.

  On January 25, 2021, Douban App was iteratively updated to version 7.0. It has been nearly two and a half years since its release of Douban 6.0 in August 2018.

  Unlike the old version of "Douban App: Book Video World", which emphasized the personal record function, this update of Douban products has shifted the attention to the community.

The "community" of Douban is mainly reflected in the topic square and Douban group.

  Douban Group is a unique cultural existence of Douban.

On Douban, there are many weird groups. For example, 300,000 users persuade people to break up in the "Douban Persuade Sub-Group", and 850,000 people are "turning up your inside story" to expose the inside story of various industries. There are 690,000 users in The "Douban Goose Group" shared the gossip and life attitudes of the entertainment industry. Nearly 120,000 people shared the unsatisfactory life trivialities behind the high education in the "985 Waste Introduction Project" group.

  "In fact, Douban began to gradually'microblogging', most of the hot topics centered around celebrities, and fans organized control and comments. Once there were different voices, they would immediately be overwhelmed by saliva, and rumors and swear words would be endless." The senior Douban user mentioned above. I told reporters that I rarely speak on the Douban team because I am afraid of being scolded.

"Many opinions on Weibo are carried from Douban, and even the opinions of many entertainment public accounts are also carried from Douban. Douban has fully entered the era of'microblogging'."

  On February 13, iQIYI sued Beijing Douban Technology Co., Ltd. (a related party of regarding a dispute over reputation rights and filed a case in Beijing. IQIYI claimed that three users posted false information on the Douban platform to discredit love. Qiyi, one of its users even posted false content under the title "A dozen male employees of iQiyi’s "Wonderful Food" beat people and also beat female fans".

Iqiyi said that after discovering false content, the plaintiff actively communicated with the defendant, requesting the defendant to stop the infringement, delete the articles involved, restore the plaintiff’s reputation, and clarify the facts; however, the defendant refused to implement the plaintiff’s reasonable claims. Continued laissez-faire infringement continued to spread, seriously damaging the reputation of the plaintiff, causing serious negative effects on the reputation of the program, and seriously damaging the legitimate rights and interests of the plaintiff.

  Douban told the "Securities Daily" reporter on the matter that the first instance verdict has been issued and it is said that iQiyi has appealed.

Because the judgment has not yet taken effect, Douban "will not comment temporarily, I believe the court will give a fair trial according to law."