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A week after arriving on Mars, the



continues to fine-tune its seven instruments and take spectacular images of the red planet.

Since yesterday we have known what the surroundings of the Jezero crater are like, which will constitute your workplace thanks to a 360-degree panorama made with 142 color images captured by the robot.

Geologists believe that the area to be explored by


had a river around 3.5 billion years ago and their main mission will be to look for signs of past microscopic life.

It is the second panoramic image that



since it arrived on the red planet on February 18.

For the photo of February 20, he used his navigation cameras (Navcams), placed on his mast.

The one that has just been published he captured it the next day rotating his neck and with his Mastcam-Z instrument.

The 'eyes' of geologists on Earth

As NASA engineers have detailed, Mastcam-Z is a dual camera system that allows you to zoom, focus, record high definition video, and take panoramic color and three-dimensional photos, so you can examine both surfaces in detail. close and distant.




are the eyes of geologists on Earth, as the photos and videos taken by the robot help them study the geological history of the Jezero crater and the characteristics of the rocks and sediments that




in situ

with his other instruments.

The cameras will also allow NASA scientists to select where


will collect rocks and other soil samples for storage and for another spacecraft to fetch them to bring them back to Earth in the future.

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